A Page From a 2nd Grader’s Notebook

Posted on January 20, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Few days ago my niece who is in class two, was showing me her school work. As I was going through her notebook I found following text on the first page. I started reading it and as I reached the bottom half of the page, it floored me with laughter. For our English readership: The first four lines of the text talk about the religion and the God but from 5th line onwards the text goes like this.

I like my Islamiat miss (lady teacher) very much because she has very soft cheeks and she teaches very well. She also make us understand the suject very well. Thank you my lovely lovely Miss Sanobar.

Miss Sanobar’s remarks can be read in red in the right hand column.

29 responses to “A Page From a 2nd Grader’s Notebook”

  1. Benawa says:

    I knew it! As a person who, as a child, benefitted from the generosity of Mamoons, I have to say
    this: Pakistani children are blessed with
    some of the best Mamoons anywhere in the world!

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    @benawa. yes

  3. Benawa says:

    Harpasand, get your mind out of gutter. This 2nd grader
    obviously has a lively imagination. She assumes that her beloved teacher has soft cheeks.

    Owais, are you this young lady’s Mamoon?

  4. Optimist says:

    What’s not funny is that the teacher overlooked (or maybe didn’t know better?) the mistakes in line three and gave her a star right next to those two mistakes. I thought that that would be the point that the author of this blog would highlight.
    “sikhaaeeen jaateen hain” is supposed to be “sikhaai jaati hain”.

    سکھائیںجاتیں ہیں
    سکھائی جاتی ہیں

    Yeah we need to take life easy but this was supposed to be a teacher grading her student, she should have corrected those mistakes but the flattery worked, that lesson would be more helpful for the future life of the student rather than learning correct Urdu :)

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