Posted on March 3, 2010
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10 responses to “Bureaucratic Delays Puts Lives of NWFP Policemen at Risk”

  1. Feisal Khan says:

    Of course Qudsia is right. As a people we are incredibly callous, borderin on cruelty. Decades ago, a white South African friend of mine visited Pakistan (although she was a South African, the family had British passports) with her father. After visiting Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, she told me that no white South African would dare to treat a black the way we treat our servants. And she was of course correct.

    As far as our bureaucrats are concerned, the Tulla on the streets is only one step removed from their naukars. Who cares if they live or die? The essence of North Indian society is that we grovel to those above us and kick those below us. The only way we can demonstrate how mighty we are is by making those below us grovel to us. I’ve seen this type of behavior replicated at all levels and by all people: in the army, civil service and the private sector, in the obsequious way we behave to our family elders and bully those family members younger than us. Obviously there are great number of us who do not behave this way but ask yourselves, which is the norm?

  2. RANA says:

    I am a little surprised why this has not generated more interest, even in comments here or in Pakistan media. Is it just because the jackets ere donated by the US that we dislike them so much that we don’t even care about our on policemen dying!

  3. Khalida says:

    This is shameful. Just plain shameful.

  4. Sadia Hussain says:

    The N.W.F.P police is doing a laudable job in protecting the lives of millions, it is the responsibility of the state to ensure their safety and well-being, it is ironic that the bullet-proof vests are stuck for over two months! The process needs to be geared up so to beef up the security of law-enforcement personals.

  5. pakblend says:

    i dont agree with Qudsia i ont think a normal, common pakistani is so cruel and self centree that he does not care about police man who risk their lives to save ours.. i agree that some of us are selfish but major portion of such persons belong to bureaucrats…..

    i agree with zafar all such idiotic bureaucats who are holding up the process shoul be make to perform police duty for few days… than they’ll only get to know what does a human life mean…