Posted on April 11, 2010
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38 responses to “ATP Poll: Grading Our Leaders, Again”

  1. zahid nasir says:

    though zardari and gillani has been able to get the 18th amendment passed, but there was no way with them other than that. on the other issues, like terrorism inflation they have the same policies as was of Mush. chief justice is going exellent but there are many who are not allowing him to work. in a nutshell zardari had never have the capability of being a good leader. a man fomous for Mr. 10%.

  2. Shujaat says:

    I also agree with u Natasha. Its Shame that still there are people who think that Zardari and gillani are good .I think No one on this list desreved to be called good leader,because this is the thing in which Pakistan always remain Un lucky. We dont have Good leaders .

  3. Adeel says:

    @ Imran Malik, wake up to reality Borther! DO you know 18th Amendment has made party chief (Zardari) more powerful than the elected PM (Gillani). DO your homework and then give “due” credit!