Urdu Goes High Tech: Google Translation for Urdu Language

Posted on May 14, 2010
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Adil Najam

Google Labs has added five new languages to its Google Translate service, including Urdu. I first learnt of the news on ProPakistani yesterday and soon afterward one of our readers, Watan Aziz, left a comment on ATP with a demonstration of the new Urdu Translation tool.

I had already tried out the tool, had my chuckle, and planned this post. Here is how: The current post at ATP at that time was Owais Mughal’s post on the (then) forthcoming T20 Cricket Semi-Final, so I just copied the ‘above the fold’ part of that post and inserted it into Google Translation Urdu. Here is what I got:

The first line that came out of Google Urdu Translate was: “Hum Daikhain Gay.”

Long-time readers of this blog will recognize immediately why I chuckled: The line “Hum Daikhain Gay” is amongst my all-time favorite lines in the Urdu language. Owais Mughal probably did not have that line in mind when he wrote his T20 Cricket post and Google Urdu Translator probably does not care about the significance of the line to Faiz-lovers either. But by virtue of that being the first line I saw on Google Urdu Translator, at least I was off to a positive impression, despite some of the other elements of what came up.

Give Google Urdu Translate a try yourself, and tell us what you think. This now brings the number of languages supported by Google Translate to 57.

P.S. Interestingly, the first non-Latin script domain name, in Arabic script, also just came live: (http://????.?????-?????????.???/). It browsers that cannot handle Arabic script this appears as: http://xn--4gbrim.xn—-ymcbaaajlc6dj7bxne2c.xn--wgb h1c/ar/default.aspx. Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s official website (http://www.mcit.gov.eg) via its domain name in Arabic (http://????.?????-?????????.???/) became the first site to gain this distinction and, reportedly, by 2011 domain names will also be available in Urdu.

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  1. Watan Aziz says:

    Well, evidently the html codes allowed in this text box is restricted and not the standard stuff in the WordPress permissibles.

    Perhaps ATP can make changes to accommodate Urdu script and make a general post suggesting how to make Urdu friendly posts at ATP.

  2. ejaz14357 says:

    i really disturb to see this site

  3. ejaz14357 says:

    Long-time readers of this blog will recognize immediately why I chuckled: The line “Hum Daikhain Gay” is amongst my all-time favorite lines in the Urdu language. Owais Mughal probably did not have that line in mind when he wrote his T20 Cricket post and Google Urdu Translator probably does not care about the significance of the line to Faiz-lovers either. But by virtue of that being the first line I saw on Google Urdu Translator, at least I was off to a positive impression, despite some of the other elements of what came up.

  4. ejaz14357 says:

    ejazhussain: Google Urdu version(both translate and transliterate) was done in India where majority of urdu speaking people live. Do keep this in mind that there is a Google office in India as well.

  5. Watan Aziz says:

    Folks, follows is a Google translate from an article that appeared in Jang about Dr. Azad.

    It is a pretty decent crack at translation. Thank you Google. It will only get better.

    Now, here is what Google Translate will not do for you:

    1. It will not improve the quality of the writing. Notice, the long winded paragraphs. No break in thoughts. Long sentences that seem to wrap and warp. Also notice the poor style of writing abilities for an article that purported to be a research oriented.

    2. Google Translate will not reduce the quantity of the useless text. It appears that the columnist had to fill a certain size of and therefore had to keep meandering all over the place until he was able to get the number of words he needed.

    3. Google Translate will not improve the content of the writing. The original source being referred herein, never mentions that Dr. Adad had “met” Jinnah on the matter of national anthem. Yet, the author seems to rest his most important argument on the fact that no records have been found for Mr. Jinnah ever meeting Dr. Adad.

    4. Google Translate will not change the facts of the writing, whereby the author claims that a certain Mr. Rabbani was the ADC of Jinnah. Now, a certain Lt. General, the last Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army, Gul Hassan has written in his biography that he was Jinnah’s first ADC and he recounts that he days and times of August 1947. I do not know how to put it, except that the author of this article has got his facts very wrong. Ver very wrong. “Gulla” will never lie (he might not tell the truth either, but that is another story.)

    6. Google Translate will not make the bogus logic of not being able to find means does not exist. As someone famously said, “absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence”.

    5. Finally, Google Translate will not rehabilitate the the mistakes of Liaqat, who got very very busy dismantling the works of Jinnah. The derailing he started, has still not gotten back on tracks. I will still say, sharing of the national wealth was a thorn on the side of these crooks and those who succeeded him. (And for this, there are about 170 million who will agree with me.) And the fact it stood prominent in the anthem was the principle reason to get rid of the words, if not the anthem.

    So, if the editor of Jang and the author wants to build any credibility of Urdu newspapers (and all of them have zero to none with me) they better get in shape very quick. Google translate will show them how bad they look in scores of languages.

    Urdu, as one of the national languages of Pakistan, has a place to fill in Pakistan in supporting local and regional languages but it is not going to happen if the Urdu ‘dans’ keep inflicted with “hotairitus” and “boguscontentium”. We need to make Urdu better. And perhaps the news media will take the first steps in setting better standards for Urdu writing.

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