Urdu Goes High Tech: Google Translation for Urdu Language

Posted on May 14, 2010
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Adil Najam

Google Labs has added five new languages to its Google Translate service, including Urdu. I first learnt of the news on ProPakistani yesterday and soon afterward one of our readers, Watan Aziz, left a comment on ATP with a demonstration of the new Urdu Translation tool.

I had already tried out the tool, had my chuckle, and planned this post. Here is how: The current post at ATP at that time was Owais Mughal’s post on the (then) forthcoming T20 Cricket Semi-Final, so I just copied the ‘above the fold’ part of that post and inserted it into Google Translation Urdu. Here is what I got:

The first line that came out of Google Urdu Translate was: “Hum Daikhain Gay.”

Long-time readers of this blog will recognize immediately why I chuckled: The line “Hum Daikhain Gay” is amongst my all-time favorite lines in the Urdu language. Owais Mughal probably did not have that line in mind when he wrote his T20 Cricket post and Google Urdu Translator probably does not care about the significance of the line to Faiz-lovers either. But by virtue of that being the first line I saw on Google Urdu Translator, at least I was off to a positive impression, despite some of the other elements of what came up.

Give Google Urdu Translate a try yourself, and tell us what you think. This now brings the number of languages supported by Google Translate to 57.

P.S. Interestingly, the first non-Latin script domain name, in Arabic script, also just came live: (http://????.?????-?????????.???/). It browsers that cannot handle Arabic script this appears as: http://xn--4gbrim.xn—-ymcbaaajlc6dj7bxne2c.xn--wgb h1c/ar/default.aspx. Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s official website (http://www.mcit.gov.eg) via its domain name in Arabic (http://????.?????-?????????.???/) became the first site to gain this distinction and, reportedly, by 2011 domain names will also be available in Urdu.

24 responses to “Urdu Goes High Tech: Google Translation for Urdu Language”

  1. اصولا مجھے پہلے کی طرح اب بھی یہاں تبصرہ انگریزی میں ہی کرنا چاہیے تھا، لیکن میں معذرت چاہوں گا، کہ پاکستانیت اور انٹرنیٹ پر میرے لیے آج اردو کا دن ہے!۔
    کافی عرصہ سے لوگ جسے اردو بلاگنگ کمیونٹی کے نام سے جانتے ہیں اور اس کے علاوہ بھی کئی لوگ انٹرنیٹ پر اردو کی ترویج میں مشغول ہیں، یہ خبر ان تمام لوگوں اور تمام اردو سے محبت کرنے والوں کے لیے ہوا کا تازہ جھونکا ہے۔ میری زاتی رائے میں اردو کو اب جو ترویج ملے گی، شاید اس سے پہلے یہ ممکن نہ تھا۔ گو گوگل ترجمہ میں اردو تراجم میں ابھی بہت بڑا حصہ کام کا ہونا باقی ہے(یہ اردو الفا ورژن ہے) تو وقت کے ساتھ ساتھ اس میں بہتری آتی جائے گی۔
    میری تمام دوستوں سے گذارش ہے کہ جب بھی گوگل ترجمہ استعمال کریں، کم از کم دو چارفقروں کی انگریزی سے اردو یا پھر اردو سے انگریزی میں ترجمہ کی درستگی ضرور کر دیا کریں۔

  2. Saeed says:

    Very good indeed.

  3. unlike other languages like Arabic and Farsi, the state of Urdu is very worst for electronic publishing. The main reason is that arabic and farsi speakers actually feed proud of their language and they prefer to use it in digital world as well while in Pakistan where most of guys are mentally slave of West never likes to communicate in Urdu. Every time we do use one or two English term during normal conversation while this is not the case with other nations. Therefore Urdu can’t prospers in digital world

  4. Raza says:

    Dair aaiy, Durust aaiy!

    The transliteration thing has been around for an year or more I think, and is pretty impressive.

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