Posted on May 14, 2010
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24 responses to “Urdu Goes High Tech: Google Translation for Urdu Language”

  1. Sakhan says:

    website per urdu translator ki talash main google kay zaryay pohancha aur apnay Pakistani honay per RUB ka shukar ada kia… shukria bhai … behtareen kavish … jari rakho… Pakistan PaindaBad……

  2. Watan Aziz says:

    With Google leading the way, the Translate product is now available on Android platform. I have tried it and with speech to text tools added to it, it really is shaping up to break language as a barrier.

    Knowledge will no longer be a privilege of the haves.

    I hope Pakistanis will take it up and start the translation process.

    BTW, there is an excellent gTranslate plugin available for WordPress, Jomola, etc. I have tested it and it is amazing. It is called GTranslate and is published by Edward Anayan. (Google it)

    I know ATP is always testing new tools and may want to incorporate it. It will provide Google Urdu translation with the touch of a mouse!

  3. Syed Abbas says:

    This is a wonderful post. We need to do a lot more work to bring Urdu language in the mainstream again. I run a website called It is an attempt to encourage our next generation, especially living outside Pakistan to start learning our langauge from their homes.

    Hopefully, more people will join us to develop new ways to encourage Urdu learning using technology.

  4. tariq14639 says:

    Good translation services are essential to successful business. Take your time and do some research on your chosen good translation service to ensure good business,thx