Quote of the Day: Degree, Degree hai. Jali ho ya assli!

Posted on June 30, 2010
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Adil Najam

I had convinced myself that I will give the fake degree issue a little break on these pages. But the honorable Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Mr. Aslam Raisani just won’t let me.

This statement from him, made to journalists covering the Baluchistan Assembly session, needs little explanation, but is worth hearing.

“Mera mohqaf saaf hai. Degree, degree hota hai. Woh asli ho ya jaali ho.”“My position is clear. A degree is a degree. Whether it is real or fake.”

But much more revealing that this statement, is the second part of the video. When asked whether it will effect the government if fake degree holders were removed, the Mr. Raisani goes into a rehearsed statement about how he will not let anyone use our land to launch attacks on any ‘humsaiya mulk’ (neighboring country). I am not sure if I understand the logic here. Nor am I sure that he does!

33 responses to “Quote of the Day: Degree, Degree hai. Jali ho ya assli!

  1. Adeel Jalil says:

    Govt punches back

    1) HEC chairman says his brother is missing
    http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id= 30006
    and now
    2) Police raid HEC chairman’s home
    http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id= 30128

  2. readinglord says:

    With so many degrees being declared fake I hope the fake degree holders may gain majority in the Parliament and by setting up a fake degree party elect Jamshed Dasti as PM of Pakistan and Mukhtaran Mai as Chairman of the NA.


  3. TWO MORE DEGREES DEEMED FAKE…. From Express tribune:

    PML-Q MPA Samina Khawar Hayat’s graduate degree, along with BNP MNA Yaqoob Bizenjo’s degree was found to be fake on Tuesday.

    Hayat’s degree says that she graduated from Rifah University in 2004, while the university claims it started its bachelors program in 2005. The university said Ms Hayat’s degree is a forged copy.

    Meanwhile, Balochistan National Party MNA Yaqoob Bizenjo dismissed the authenticity of the Karachi University report that declared his degree as being fake.

    He claimed he passed his Bachelors exams in 2007 and also said that he will resign if his degree is proved to be fake.

    Yaqub Bizenjo is the latest of parliamentarians to get caught in a fake degree scandal.

    The latest case of a parliamentarian being found to be in possession of a fake degree is one case among many cases of fake degrees in the recent past. Following many such cases the HEC sent the degrees of 934 parliamentarians for verification to universities across the country.

    The University of Karachi received 106 degrees for verification. So far, two degrees have been declared fake. One of those belonged to Bizenjo.

    The degrees will be sent for further investigation on July 15 with a full report to the HEC. Under the law, Bizenjo can be disqualified from his seat.

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