Quote of the Day: Degree, Degree hai. Jali ho ya assli!

Posted on June 30, 2010
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Adil Najam

I had convinced myself that I will give the fake degree issue a little break on these pages. But the honorable Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Mr. Aslam Raisani just won’t let me.

This statement from him, made to journalists covering the Baluchistan Assembly session, needs little explanation, but is worth hearing.

“Mera mohqaf saaf hai. Degree, degree hota hai. Woh asli ho ya jaali ho.”“My position is clear. A degree is a degree. Whether it is real or fake.”

But much more revealing that this statement, is the second part of the video. When asked whether it will effect the government if fake degree holders were removed, the Mr. Raisani goes into a rehearsed statement about how he will not let anyone use our land to launch attacks on any ‘humsaiya mulk’ (neighboring country). I am not sure if I understand the logic here. Nor am I sure that he does!

33 responses to “Quote of the Day: Degree, Degree hai. Jali ho ya assli!

  1. H Saqib says:

    Do you have any idea what your (fake) degree is worth. It can open door to unimaginable vistas. Read more at: http://fmeducation.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/what-i s-the-worth-of-your-fake-degree/

  2. Some one needs to remove him and all like him from all important positions in Pakistan for the betterment of Pakistan and for the greater benefit of Mankind.

  3. Jogezai says:

    @Ajnabi Khan. Pls don’t try to distract the question.

    NO, someone with a degree is not necessarily better than someone without. Nor is someone without a degree better. BUT THAT IS NOT THE QUESTION.

    Someone who LIES is ALWAYS bad. And these people are lying about their degrees. And the CM and YOU are defending liars and lying. WHY? What are YOU lying about.

  4. Gift Baskets says:

    Mr Raisani according to my cousin is the biggest supporter of lawlessness inside Balochistan. All stolen cars can be recovered from his house, all kidnapped people can be recovered from his house. What a shame !

  5. Ajnabi Khan says:

    Yes, the CM’s statement appears laughable, but why? Is a person with a degree somehow better qualified to become a Politian or a parliamentarian? I thought the purpose of having a degree was to enable a potential employer to assess the suitability for employment in the business world or in the public service domain (other than politics).
    I am sure we have all encountered many degree holders who are excellent in their own profession, or trade but would be utter failures as politicians or members of a Nation’s Assembly.
    The intention to require a degree for politicians might have been good, but it may be necessary to review if there is a better alternative; e.g. establishing a code of conduct for becoming a parliamentarian.
    Let us not forget that there are people who have no degrees, yet they are very intelligent, and fit to serve as parliamentarians, better than many degree holders.
    As an aside, those who have had some connection with the Education system will instantly recognize that all degrees are not the same, even if these have been issued “genuinely” by recognized institutions.
    Maybe the issue is much deeper than looking at someone having a degree and assuming that this person has a better potential to deliver sound thinking, civilized behavior, better decision making, contribute to a country’s development; etc.
    The second part of the interview reminds me of a proverb: “sawal gandum, jawab Channa”; it is almost like George Bush!!

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