And now Habib Jalib Baloch

Posted on July 15, 2010
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Owais Mughal

Yet another sad news emanating from Balochistan is the assasination of Balochistan National Party -Mengal Group’s leader Habib Jalib. Why? and by Who? are just two of the many questions that come to mind. The blame game has already started with fingers getting pointed in every which direction. In the meantime angry mobs set fire to Government property all across the province. Who will benefit from all the destruction being carried out to public property?

May the deceased rest in peace!

According to Dawn news, Educational institutions across whole province will remain closed for 2 days. BNP-M has announced 3 days of strike and 40 days of mourning. While Habib’s assassination is the saddest news, one should ask who will benefit from the 3-days of shutter-down-wheel-jam strike? Definitely not the common bread earner on the street.

The Daily News’ coverage of this sad event can be read here and the Daily Dawn’s here.

17 responses to “And now Habib Jalib Baloch”

  1. Zulfiqar Haider says:

    Those who have been working for the revival of true democracy really helped the whole nation grow. Democracy had to sustain setbacks in every era since our independence, but we hope and pray that these sacrifices are not gone wasted.

  2. Danish says:

    The killings everywhere, at least some of them are orchestrated just to spread desperation and while I dio not think India is behind all of these, it is probably doing some to fan the flames.

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