Pakistan Today: Suggest a Title

Posted on December 15, 2009
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Asma Mirza

Cell Phone User in PakistanI posted this picture on Metroblog Islamabad earlier with the title “Can’t you see I’m Busy, Man!!!.” Wondering if ATP readers can suggest other (better) titles. Maybe a sheyr (verse) from Faiz, iqbal, Jalib… maybe even Ghalib?

ATP talks often about the state of the mobile industry in Pakistan. Well, this picture shows one face of what is happening with cell phones. As I wrote at Metroblog Islamabad:

Can you feel the marked difference??? A poor common Pakistani, already a mobile user, collecting wood standing in front of parliament (highest office of the city on maybe the most expensive roads of the country) …!

WOW … amazing colors of Pakistan!!!

So, any suggestions?

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  1. Hira Mir says:

    Pakistan today is a victim of poverty and extremism. We praise the army for carrying out successful operation in all the seven agencies and inshalla we will very soon be successful in khurrum agency too. But every individual has the responsibility to give space to moderate views in ones mind to grow and let the nation grow.

  2. Adam Insaan says:

    “……what !
    -are You saying that it isn`t carbondioxide neutral…
    ….so I need to cut the ones with leaves….
    -to save our planet although my cycle is CO2 -neutral…
    is that what they decided in
    COP15 -Copenhagen (København)…..
    was it the reason for Connie Hedegård not to participate at
    the Queen Margrethe ll – late supper…..
    -and now all Christmess Trees have to be from the outskirt of Islamabad….and not any more from SouthAmerican Rainforrest because CDA is expanding….
    wauw…did they really say so…”

  3. Adam Insaan says:

    “……….the wrong tree….
    was it the one on right side….ehmm
    now I get why it`s so dry….”

  4. ali says:

    this is globalization. western cell phone, china made bicycle and pak hands.a good technology for unprepeared nation as the foto n its background shows.

  5. JJ says:

    “This is all the elite will let me do. They want to keep the pie all to themselves !”

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