Baghdad, Pakistan

Posted on July 27, 2010
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Adil Najam

We have already carried this picture as a photo quiz before, so will not do that again. But I saw it myself after a while and wondered what thoughts come to people’s mind when they see this now. After all, Baghdad ain’t what Baghdad once was; and nor is Pakisatn.

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  1. Umer Awan says:

    My dada jani use to take me to play on this station in 1975.
    Its in Bhawalpur

  2. wasiq Khan says:

    Owais is right. The Amir’s of Bahawalpur tried to emulate the Abbassid’s by naming cities such as Bahawalpur as “Baghdad Ul Jadeed” and built a large number of fine educational institutions — all in the hope of recreating the glory of 13th century Baghdad in the Thar Desert. I still have a lot of old letters from my grandfather to other family members with the postmark “Baghdad Ul Jadeed.”

  3. YLH says:

    Please also point out that this was NOT renamed by the Government of Pakistan as Baghdad but rather the Bahawalpur State – which thought it was “Abbassid” that renamed it.

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    This place is just outside Bahawalpur. It was named such during the days of Bahawalpur Princely State. The rulers of Bahawalpur state named several towns and cities of their state as a tribute to a glorified past. I believe the complete name of this city is ‘Baghdad-ul-jadeed’. This station lies on the railway line connecting Bahawalpur with Bahwalnagar.

    Another station on this section having a name from the past is called ‘kut-ul-Imara’.

    A spur from this place used to connect Bahawalpur with Fort Abbas. That railway line got uprooted in 2nd World War when British needed steel and wood supplies somewhere else in India.

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