Posted on September 3, 2010
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9 responses to “baRi der ki mehrbaan aate aate

  1. Kaliwal says:

    It’s an excellent shot as far as photgraphy and aesthetics is concerned but it’s also one of the most sadest one. It can be realted to the current situation of this land, we need an ICU type of treatment to cure them both, get them out of this terrible misery………A CHANGE IS ON THE WAY!

  2. Saba says:

    Awesome picture and of course as always what makes it even more brilliant is the caption along with the photograph. Wonderful… :)

  3. The Photo showing a man lying close to Pakistan Post Office Box. He seems to be homeless. Corruption is on high rise , rich are getting richer day by day and most of Pakistanies are constrained to live a life below poverty. The days of corrupt and indisciplined officials /rulers are counted , a revolution is not very far away.

  4. Hina S says:

    No disrepect to either the phoographer or the writer of this blog post, but this picture failed to move me in any way- good or bad, positive or negative.