Quiz: Where in Pakistan is this?

Posted on September 8, 2010
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Owais Mughal

This could be anywhere in the world, but where in Pakistan is this picture from?

The picture itself is by one of my favorite photographers, but let me not tell you now who that is (since that may give a clue to the answer). I will write more about him when we reveal the answer.

The quiz here is to let us know where is this place. While the exact location is pretty desolate, if you can guess (or know for sure) the two major towns between which this place is located, you’ll get full marks :-)

39 responses to “Quiz: Where in Pakistan is this?”

  1. Tehmoore says:

    I think its Ziarat, Balochistan??

    nice picture!

  2. Muhammad Asif says:

    Do not get confused by the presence of double track. This is normal at the entrance and exit of a railway station to allow passage to other trains. Quetta – Chamman section is broad gauge single track.

  3. AS says:


    like ur blog and this photograph too :)

  4. Muhammad Asif says:

    Owais Mughal:- When are you going to end the suspense: Allow me to have another try. This location is between Qilla Abdullah and Shellabagh.

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