Umar Gul: 10-0-42-6

Posted on September 17, 2010
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Adil Najam

15 responses to “Umar Gul: 10-0-42-6”

  1. Benawa says:

    I am heartened! With this kind of spirit/players, British
    tabloids will not be able to kill Cricket in Pakistan after all,
    though they’ll keep on trying…

    Just imagine what this young man had to deal with besides
    the players from the opposite team!

  2. Nihari says:

    Through your esteemed blog….i would like to make another spot fixing revelation,,,Tomoroow Ijaz Butt is going to make another bizarre and stupid allegation…

  3. azeem says:

    umar gul is the best bowler of the world….he is the match winner bowler….gul keep it up

  4. Some comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “hahahh”
    – “what a clown you are dealing with flooding in your community sport truck .. you could not fit”
    – “pakistan zindabad….:)”
    – “Gull chaa gaya!!”
    – “gul zindabad :0”
    – “after Lord’s scam i simply gave up following pak cricket, but this set of photos are a hope for us. umar gul keep it up.”
    – “ICC issued warrants for investigating Oval ODI ntent/current/story/477641.html
    – “An English newspaper has claimed that the third One Day International (ODI) match between Pakistan and England was fixed
    – “this is ridiculous …… how can weaker team fix a match…. for stronger team it makes sense but how can weaker team…… propaganda continues ……………….”
    – ” Ithink its a high tym we shud support our team”
    – “definitely … we have to….”
    – “i think this match was fixed……….’
    – ” plzz man :D iss defa eng nay pasay khaie thay ?? kiya baat hay app ki jeetain tu fix haarain tu fix :D”
    – “pakistan k log kisi b tarah khus nahi ho sakty.. england walay ager ilzam lga rhay hain tu kam se kam ap tu apny mulk ka sath dain.. her baat pe fix kerwa dyty hain”
    – “Keep it up PAkistan , , KEEP Up PAKistani Flag in every feild . . Whwteher sports or education . . Best of Luck for upcming matches . . Pakistan Zindabad'”
    agar match fix tha tu blame PAK par q?”

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