Posted on November 29, 2010
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32 responses to “My Journey with ATP”

  1. Adnan Ahmad says: irds-of-feather/

    Just to get an idea of how big this blog has gotten, the above post from MQ
    has 17000 hits in 3 years. And this post in about a week has over 20000 hits. Incredible.

    For a few angrier commenters (as Samdani put it) Jaun Elia had said and it is worth understanding and pondering over for not just this blog but for everything else in life:

    nazar par baar ho jaatey hein manzar
    jahan rahyyo wahan aksar na rahyyo
    (meaning jahan rehna wahan aksar na rehna)

  2. Ayesha says:

    Maybe I am different from others, but the comments are NOT what brings me to ATP each day. I come because I know that Owais Mughal and Adil Najam will always have a surprise for me. Something to make me think, something I did not know, something I should know. Sometimes the comments add to this, but mostly the comments are a reminder of the pettiness and meanness of most parha likha Pakistanis. And it does not matter what their political views are, for examples the three most petty and mean commenters on ATP, lets call them W, Y and A are libertarian, liberal and conservative in their views but are equally annoying always. Luckily the posts on ATP are a reminder that not all of Pakistan is like that. So, I come here not for the commenters but despite them.