Posted on February 3, 2011
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39 responses to “Devising a Growth Strategy for Pakistan (1): Your Ideas Invited”

  1. Ali H. says:

    Being an engineer, I find innovation to be at the heart of tangible growth for any country. We can fudge numbers to show ‘positive macroeconomic indicators’ but we will never be able to see actual success unless we promote creative education across the different social classes.

    For starters, we have to devise a plan to get rid of the class based education system prevalent in our country ( where the very rich goto an English speaking private school, the very poor goto an Urdu speaking government run school, and the very very poor goto a Madressah). And our nation wonders why we see shallow, unintellectual decision makers, and spiritually empty religious scholars.

    Pardon my lack of creativity to provide a proper solution to do so, as I don’t want to idealistically rant about what we need to do without mentioning how to do so. However, I came across some brilliant comments before me that specifically alluded to some very creative solutions.

    I would love to see a summary of this exercise in the form of recommendations given to the commission. Please keep us posted on the outcome(s) of this exercise (preferably in the form of a nice report out). I sincerely thank your team for this initiative.

  2. Adnan says:

    Excellent initiative on the part of the Planning Commission. Coincidentally, I have recently blogged about what should be the primary growth drivers for Pakistan, representing opportunities that are screaming at us right now. It is a little different from the thinking at the Planning Commission, but more grounded in reality. You can read it at

  3. ShahidnUSA says:

    Good points Banjara286,

    Excessive ‘Inbreeding’ Inherits problems and bad recessive gene and I think is not Irrelevant.
    Imagine going to a mall to shop and you see only one color that is, red. 2004/Inbreeding_Humans.htm

  4. banjara286 says:

    the most important point from the standpoint of nation building is that development must occur in all regions of pakistan; not just in central pakistan. it would be ludicrous to talk about growth in the country if the country itself is going to disintegrate.

    note that, in view of the decades of neglect in the past, what this means is that there must be a greater development share for the other regions in the country (notably balochistan and kp, and gb) in the near future.

    the other crucial problem, though outside the mandate of the planning commission, is that of the decimation of quality of the gene pool on account of excessive in-breeding in the pakistani society. growth and development require a populace that is physically, intellectually, and academically capable of performing the tasks.