Posted on March 21, 2011
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29 responses to “Hoping to Celebrate Pakistan Day in Bangladesh”

  1. Nahid Alam Shovon says:

    pakistan is a country full of cheat. they only can derailed human. they wasn’t our friend, isn’t our friend & won’t be our friend. we just hate them. they use religion as their protection. even they are cursed by the god (Allah) for their this kind of negative task. it’s a matter of shame that “they don’t have peace & only cricket can give them peace.” this is the speech of their cricketer. they are humiliated all over the world. even they can’t play home series in their home ground. ‘how shame’… please god bless them so that they can be human being.

  2. GSR says:

    The government of Pakistan does not owe an apology to anyone. It tried to prevent Indian (and Israeli interests) from tearing Pakistan apart in two. India armed (militarily, financially and politically) Bengali separatists.

    India’s ultimate goal is to divide the Muslims even further so that they can reconquer us and convert us “back to Hinduism” so we can worship cows, pigs, etc. Good luck on that one ;-). That is in the back mind of many Hindus.

    Bangladeshis should be working with Pakistan in stopping Indian supremacy and expansionism. They should also look at their corrupt government (as with the corrupt governments of India and Pakistan) that screws them everyday!

    Although my family is from India, I still cheer for Muslim Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!

  3. Shahran says:

    Adil ,

    A very appropriate post based on the occasion.

    Another interesting fact that I must share here.

    March 23rd, Pakistan Day
    March 23rd , Pakistan is playing in Dhaka’s “Sher-e-Bangla” stadium in Dhaka which is named after “Sher-e-Bangla” ( or as we say in Urdu Sher-e-Bengal”) Maulvi A.K Fazlul Haque , the who presented the Pakistan Resolution on 23rd March 1940.

  4. Ramlah says:

    tksbd: Our government does not give a damn about us, you are talking about an apology letter? they kill us everyday, if you scratch the land here you will see more blood too. Lets just keep the government aside and talk about us the People, who have no issues with you guys. Enjoy the match :D