All Set For an India-Pakistan Showdown. Where Does Pakistan Go From Here?

Posted on March 24, 2011
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Adil Najam

The game – the only game – that everyone in India and Pakistan were waiting for is now set. Pakistan meets India in the Semi-Final on Wednesday, March 30, at Mohali in Chandigarh, India. Either India or Pakistan WILL make it to the Final. Which one?

We know which one we want to get to the Final, but which one do you think will? Maybe the poll has lost meaning by now, but since we have been asking this question from the beginning of the World Cup (#1, #2, #3) lets keep going. What do you think happens to Pakistan from here onwards:

The progression of ATP opinion has been interesting, but not surprising: In our very first poll (816 responses) as many as 45% had thought Pakistan would not even reach the Semi-Finals, and 26% had thought Pakistan would become World Champion; In our second poll (821 responses) with this same question, only 13% thought Pakistan would be out before the Semi-Finals, and 49% thought Pakistan would become World Champion; In our third and most recent poll (1155 responses) on the subject, 11% felt Pakistan would not even make it to the Semi-Finals and as many as 60% thought Pakistan would become World Champion.

What do you think now. India vs. Pakistan, and maybe beyond. Where does Pakistan go in this Cricket World Cup 2011 from here?

45 responses to “All Set For an India-Pakistan Showdown. Where Does Pakistan Go From Here?”

  1. Sridhar says:


    I never said that the India-Australia rivalry has replaced the ashes. And I did not say that for Aussies or anybody else, this is the main rivalry. My only suggestion was that for Indians, the India-Australia rivalry has become the main rivalry in recent years. More in test cricket than in one-days.

    Anyway, that is my opinion. I am fine if you disagree with it.

  2. Hermoon Gill says:

    By the way those away from Pakistan,who have been using JadooTV before,obviously it is not working these days,guys do you have any word on it.Whats wrong with it?And any news of it coming back to work?

  3. Hermoon Gill says:

    @Sreedhar India will no doubt be under a tremendous pressure to come out as winners against Pakistan on their soil.

    But I do not agree that the India-Australia rivalry has ‘replaced’ the ashes.Back in the 70s and 80s the WI were the gods of cricket and beating them was a rarity but any Aus-WI or Eng-WI series was never thought to be ‘replacing’ the ashes.
    Indians may think so but Aussies and the Brits certainly do not think so.The recently concluded Ashes series proved it too.

  4. Khuram Khan says:

    In a programme on Dunya TV, Sarfraz Nawaz caught the host someone named Mubashar Luqmaan, off guard, as to how did he(Luqmaan)correctly predict before the match that WI will score less than 150 and that Pakistan will win by ten wickets.You should have seen the face of this man Luqmaan.He immediately went for a commercial break. Now what do you make of it.It baffles me about the extent betting mafia has penetrated the society in the Subcontinent.Thanks to ICC and IPL.I wonder if tax evasion was the only reason for ICC to move to Notorious Dubai.Looks like there were more than one.
    To be fare to the Game NZ should be in final with one Asian Team with NZ taking the title.

  5. ShahidnUSA says:

    It is more than a game for them.


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