Pakistan Petrol Patrol: How Do Our Petrol Prices Compare to Rest of World?

Posted on April 26, 2011
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I saw this picture and wondered how petrol prices in Pakistan compare to what they are in rest of the world.

As I searched for an answer I realized that (a) ATP had done a post on the same question back in 2006 and (b) it was not very easy to find information on how petrol prices in different parts of the world compare.

So, I thought maybe I should ask readers what the prices of petrol are where they are. Are we in Pakistan paying too much, or too little, for petrol – in real terms and also in comparative cost of living terms? Odd as it may seem, while petrol prices are higher, they may still be cheaper in comparison to rise in world prices than many other places. But I need more data on this before I figure that out. Any answers?

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  1. SM says:

    Upto Musharraf time, pakistan used to get subsedized rate oil from Saudi govt, and some as an aid to pakistan. That was one of the reason for keeping to petrol prices under control till that time.

    Current govt has no good relations with saudi govt and hence no subsidy available. That’s One of the greatest reason for petrol prices hike in pakistan.

  2. Hamid says:

    80 rupees / liter in a country where the minimum wage is just 6000 per month, and virtually no mass transit system is exceptionally high. Those comparing oil prices in Pakistan to Europe or the US should also consider their higher earning power. I think by and large Pakistan is becoming an unaffordable place to survive for a person with median household income, and is only a destination for people who have no choice but to live here. Anyone who has a choice will be happy to pay 200+ in Europe, but in Pakistan I guarantee that same person will find it uncomfortable to afford 80 rupees per liter, that is IF they find gainful employment somewhere in the first place. 100db is spot on. It’s just a matter of being in the wrong country, and destiny. Many people cannot do much about it.

  3. حاشر says:

    For all those people complaining that the price of gas should be factored according to the purchasing power, tell that to the oil exporters. GoP doesn’t pay any less for the oil it buys in the international markets than, say, Canada.

  4. Comments from the ATP Facebook Page:

    – “BC Canada: 131.9/ltr = rs 117 today.”
    – “1 gallon = $3.98 USA almost $4, 1 gallon= 3.8 lit so 1 gallon =340Rs or 1 lit = app.100 Rs( may be a little more )”
    – “.zardari se bara koi chor ni….aur is ka sath dene wale b chor”
    – “About Indian Rs. 60/litre in India. Diesel is subsidized and is around Rs. 40/litre.”
    – “‎60 rs in India means 120 rs in Pakistan, means in Pakistan, petrol is way cheaper than India!”
    – “It world wide price raise in gasoline.”

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