Posted on May 26, 2011
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39 responses to “Pakistan After Osama”

  1. Ahmad Raza says:

    Pakistan has done some good things after OBL raid in Pakistan which was nothing but an intriguing drama which had many covert purposes…
    Pakistan has controlled the situation very well after all that havoc…

  2. A. J. Khan says:

    OBL is gone, who knows where is he and when he was dead:

  3. Dear Nazish:

    Is it not fair to believe that those few who favor conspiracy theory over reality will remain unconvinced? Do these terrorists still leave any room for deliberation regarding Pakistan’s interests and those of the US? Should we keep ignoring the constant attacks aimed at dismantling our cooperation against the common enemy? And do you really believe that this is not Pakistan’s war, when these extremists have killed far more Pakistanis than Americans? Do you not realize that our nation’s sovereignty will be less at risk with the elimination of these terrorists’ organizations? If the murder of over 90 paramilitary officers in retaliation to UBL’s death was not enough to convince you that they view anyone who stands against their hatred and ideology as an enemy than how do you explain TTP bombing a US convoy in Peshawar on may 20th? Did you hear about the Pakistani journalist Saleem Shazad who was kidnapped and killed after speaking out against these terrorists? Should we continue to allow reality to elude us and not accept that despite the differences… we have a common terrorist enemy and a common goal of defeating terrorism?

    We have made a great stride forward in defeating terrorism. The death of UBL saves innocent Pakistani lives that could have fallen prey to his ideology of hatred and evil doing. The war on terror has certainly brought on many challenges off the battlefield but that has certainly not stopped our enemy from continuing to prey upon innocent people. Al Qaeda is responsible for 9/11, the killing of thousands of innocent civilians and their TTP counterparts have murdered thousands of innocent people in Pakistan. Is now not the time for the US and Pakistan to accelerate their fight against the insurgency and lay rest any conspiracy theories that attempt to divert our attention from reality? The US is not at war with the Muslim world or with Islam and it is completely absurd to imply that “un-Islamic things” are any safer in Pakistan. The terrorists continue to wreak havoc upon the nation and no one is spared from their attacks. We have seen them use women and children as suicide bombers and regularly attack shopping centers and other commercial areas so they can cause mass amount of damage. We should remember that we have Muslim countries like Albania, Bosnia, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen as part of the coalition force working with the US to achieve the common goal of defeating terrorism.

    The aim of both nations is to eliminate insurgency for the sake of its citizens so failure to accept that we have a common objective of defeating terrorism would only provide more breathing space to our common enemy and it will further encourage and progress their evil motives. Don’t we agree; the sooner this menace is controlled the faster this world will come closer to peace?

    CDR Bill Speaks,
    DET, United States Central Command

  4. Mohammed says:

    Why Nawaz Sharif is not coming clean with his secret shady connections to Osama Bin Laden ? Where was his concern for Pakistani sovereignty when he begged and received money from Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi foreigner, to fight Benazir Bhutto in the elections?

    By his actions and short sighted collaborations with extremists, Nawaz Sharif has insulted and harmed the Pakistani nation and it’s people. Pakistanis should kick out the likes Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif from politics.