Adil Najam On Saturday, the National Economic Council approved the New Growth Framework based on the New Development Approach developed by the Planning Commission of Pakistan.We at ATP have been following and encouraging a discussion on the elements of the new growth framework over the last many months and prior to this have carried six […]

Adil Najam Music is on my mind again. Literally. This song has been playing non-stop in my mind as well as in my headphones for two weeks now (ever since I did my last post on Arieb Azhar’s music). I thought it would be overkill to write, yet again, about him and his music, but […]

Adil Najam The headline is actually a tweet that has been floating around since the attack on Mehran Naval Aviation Base in Karachi two days ago. As far as I can tell it originated from @thekarachikid. Short. Pithy. Poignant. Depicting a truth that Pakistanis can feel in their bones. The power of the statement is […]