Adil Najam It is difficult right now to think or write about anything except cricket. I tried. I really did. I failed. Good can, and does, come out of sports; and especially an unexpectedly brilliant sports performance. Of coruse, bad can also come from the same. We do not yet know what will come out […]

Adil Najam The game – the only game – that everyone in India and Pakistan were waiting for is now set. Pakistan meets India in the Semi-Final on Wednesday, March 30, at Mohali in Chandigarh, India. Either India or Pakistan WILL make it to the Final. Which one? We know which one we want to […]

Adil Najam Pakistan Day Mubarak, Pakistan. World Cup Mubarak, cricket lovers (the ‘real’ World Cup really started today with the first knockout stage match, between Pakistan and the West Indies). And, hopefully, very soon, Match Mubarak, Pakistan.