ATP Poll: Predictions for 2009?

Posted on December 29, 2008
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Adil Najam

Our ATP Poll on ‘What events from 2008 will define Pakistan in 2009?’ continues. However, as promised, we bring you a second companion ATP Poll which asks a related but different question: What do you think might be the big news coming out of Pakistan in 2009? (You can mark multiple choices).

If you have not voted on our original Year in Review Poll yet, please do vote here.

This is a blog poll – and its should be taken no more seriously than that. Our purpose is to facilitate discussion and reflection; there is very little about it that is scientific. We have come up with a list of 15 possible news stories that could become big in 2009. Some of these, if they were to transpire, would be desirable developments; some clearly not. These may not be the most ‘likely’ stories of 2009. They are merely our list of some interesting possibilities in multiple domains. The list is, by definition, subjective. One hopes it is also reflective and will lead to reflection by our readers. We have no doubt that there will be other stories that could and will become big in 2009. Fell welcome to discuss those in the comments section.

Our ATP Poll list of 15, in no particular order, includes the following:

15 responses to “ATP Poll: Predictions for 2009?”

  1. Aqil says:

    “ISLAMABAD: In a major decision, President Asif Ali Zardari gave the go-ahead on Saturday to allow amendments in the NAB Ordinance aimed at exempting parliamentarians and politicians from accountability through the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and giving the right of holding them accountable to parliament.”

    For the full story, check =19377

  2. Pyara says:

    Bhai Sahab,

    Dogar Sahab’s term ends this March. So what prophecy.

    For rest, specially seeing the response of a biased sample of readers of this blog, Sheikh Rasheed’s saying sums it all “khawahishon ku khabar banana”.

  3. NO NaMe says:

    End of load-shedding in Pakistan:)

  4. meengla says:

    None of the above! I did vote for only one option: ‘All out war against India’ but that, too, not with enough conviction.

    As @Riaz ul Haq says below, the new Obama presidency will be a major factor in Pakistan’s internal dynamics. If the ‘moderate’ Talibans are accomodated in Kabul and Islamabad then the threat of terrorism against Pakistan goes down a few notches and which, in turn, will only help Pakistan’s economy. Similarly, if Obama manages to bring India and Pakistan to some agreement on Kashmir at least on interim basis then even better for this region. If not then, I am afraid, ‘surgical strikes’ by India will trigger an all out war.

    Related to what I say above, I’d like to posit a question: Has there ever been an extended period like today’s in Pakistan’s 60+ year old history where Pakistani economy and internal security been subjected to so many foreign forces’ influence in Pakistan? I can’t think of any other period like today’s. While the anti-Soviet Jihad of the 80s lasted a decade Pakistan was well protected by Western military and economic help/guarantees and so Pakistani economy at least stayed afloat. No such help anymore.

    Pakistan and Pakistanis are likely to continue to suffer until they settle or at least put into backburner the issue of Kashmir. Pakistanis also need to define the extent of religion in their body politic.

    PS. I see a bunch of people who have voted for the military coup, whether wishing for it or not. If that were to happen, which flavor of Muslim League is going to be co-opted this time by the Generals? You know, even Zia ul Haq had to have some politicians as the civilian face of his rule.

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