Pakistan 2009: Muskrahatoun kay naam

Posted on January 1, 2009
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Owais Mughal, Adil Najam, Darwaish, Asma Mirza

From all of us at, and on behalf of all our readers too, we wish these two children in the photograph a wonderful New Year and a prosperous and peaceful 2009.

These children may be shoeshine boys to the world. But they make all our worlds shine with their smiles. May the authenticity of the smiles that dance on their faces never lose its sheen. May the sullenness of the world they inherit never keep them from enjoying the simple pleasures of life. May their fears be few and their enthusiasms be great. May all their aspirations be high. May all their hopes be fulfilled. May their futures be defined by the heights of their potential and not the constraints of their circumstance. May they rise to the challenges of their times better than we have to ours. May they create for their children a world better than the world we created for them. Beta, jeetay raho aur hastay raho.

The photograph, taken by photography ace and an old ATP favorite, Umair Ghani, is more than two years old. But the expression of grace is timeless. And priceless. Today, on New Year’s day, we send them our fondest prayers and our sincerest good wishes. And, through them, we send the same to all the children of Pakistan – and, indeed, the world. Their nourishment is our biggest responsibility. And they remain our greatest hope!

22 responses to “Pakistan 2009: Muskrahatoun kay naam

  1. Umer Sharif says:

    Sounds Awesome! :)

  2. Viqar says:


    What a beautiful dua for all the children of Pakistan.

    I hope more people will support HDF and other such organizations.

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