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Posted on February 4, 2010
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Owais Mughal

This is one topic I’ve been wanting to write about for a while now. But instead of me writing on it, we want to do an experiment here. We would like our readers to tell us what do they know about the project. I will then compile the information collected from your replies here and I am sure in few days we’ll have a treasure of knowledge on this project. This will test the power of our little blogistan where everyone contributes. Your participation is a key here. Try to send authentic information – suni sunaai pe naa jaaeN. The idea is that overtime this post will grow into a information storehouse on Lahore Ring Road Project.

Following photo of a completed interchange on LRR appeared in print media on February 2, 2010.

I will also chip in with whatever information I can research. If you live in Lahore, you can share your experience about ongoing construction. You can send links to project maps, construction photos, tell us about portions that have been completed, any story about people who got affected by the project’s right-of-way, environmental impact of the project, politics (if any) about the project etc.

OK lets start and see this post grow. What do you have to say? Anything below this paragrpah will be yours and mine contribution. You can communicate via comments.

Project Chronology

1983-84: The Lahore Ring Road project was first conceived around this time as a bypass to Lahore city and ease congestion on inner city roads. It is unclear that who came up with the idea of this project but it was around this time that the project made news in media.

1991:JICA, an institution of Japan, proposed a road-loop in the city and the World Bank prepared a feasibility report on a 60 km ring road around the city.

1992: Changes made to the initial JICA/World Bank design. Details of changes unknown. Readers’ help needed.

1995: This circumference of LRR later increased to 77 km when Lahore Development Authority (LDA) included Raiwind road in the design.

1997:The feasibility of LRR design made by Lahore Development Authority got finalized.

1999: Changes are made to project design. Details unknown.

December 22, 2004: Pervaiz Musharaf, the then President of Pakistan performs the ground breaking ceremony of the project.

2007: Changes are made to the design fourth time. Details unknown.

December 2007: Government of the Punjab awards the project’s Southern Loop Feasibility Study and Selection of Route to NESPAK.

December 31, 2008: This was the original date set for project completion when it started on December 22, 2004

July 30, 2009: Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the Punjab Chief Minister, inaugurates the Saggian Interchange of Lahore Ring Road. The Saggian interchange includes 1.08 km long portion of the main Ring Road, 2.12 km outfall road, a flyover, two subways and two utility culverts. The project also includes landscaping, development of service areas and bus-bays.

August 6, 2009: Work started on Package 6 and 7. The length of ring road in this section is 4.5 km with 1.8 km long access to Allama Iqbal International Airport.

September 7, 2009: A public hearing was held for the Lahore Ring Road Packages 10, 15, 16 and 17 at Alhamra Cultural Complex. The presentation was made by Engineer Jawad Ahmad Khan and Sociologist Sheraz Hussain of NESPAK. Various officials from the Environment Protection Department and Communication and Works Department, Government of the Punjab attended the presentation along with stakeholders.

October 26, 2009: Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif met with a delegation of China State Construction & Engineering Company led by its Vice-President of Overseas Department Mr Wang Li. Possible cooperation from the Chinese company was discussed for the Lahore Ring Road Project.

February 10, 2010: Package 6 of Lahore Ring Road is inaugurated.

Project Cost:

NESPAK website lists the cost of 19 packages of Lahore Ring Road Project (as shown in NLC map 3 below) as USD359 million.

Project Maps:

Please click on the maps below to see their larger and better readable images.

(1) Current Project Map Following map comes from National Logistics Cell (NLC)’s website and the consensus is that this is the current and most accurate map of the project.

(2) Google Earth map. Taken from SkyscraperCity page here.

(3) Older Map Following map comes from NESPAK’s website.

We want to caution readers that this is not the latest plan. Shown here as part of history of the project so that we get to know what all other plans were made for the project.

(4) Older Map This is the map of the project from an earlier plan. We are grateful to our reader ‘momers’ who guided me to this map. This map seems to have come from print media and is probably the most commonly found map of LRR on the web. Another contrbutor ‘Strong Hearted’ says about this map that this was an earlier plan. The ring road will not pass from the middle of the city as shown in the map below.

Useful Photo Links to the Project:

1. SkyScraperCity :Several Photos of LRR during its constuction phase – dated 2009-2010
2. One more page at Skyscrapercity on Lahore Ring Road Project and several other Lahore projects.
3. Urbanpk Forum: Has news, maps and discussion about Lahore Ring Road Project.
4. Lahore Ring Road photos at photobucket
5. Someone with the screen name of ‘lakar mandi’ has collected several photos of under construction LRR and shown them as a slide set on youtube. see below:


1. Lahore Ring Road, a distant dream? by Wasim-ur-Rehman Khan
2. National Engineering Services Pakistan, Ltd (NESPAK)
3. National Logistics Cell (NLC)
4. Lahore Master Plan map by Lahore Real Estate – This is not a map by an official agency but it shows the alignment of Lahore Ring Road pretty well.
5. Shahbaz Inaugurates Package VI of Lahore Ring Road
6. Ring Road Plan Modified – Length Shortened – Dawn September 7, 2005

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69 responses to “Lahore Ring Road Project – Help Us Build This Post”

  1. binaryzero says:

    well, just follow this thread then :) we are updating it on daily basis.

    In summary, LRR is going to be another land mark in Lahore just like M2. 98453#post51298453

  2. Adam Insaan says:

    Dear Owais Mughal,

    ….there is a mistake , spelling-wise;

    You can send links to project maps, construciton photos,

    construction …….

    -you are welcome.

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    Binaryzero – great collection of photos. Yes there are several pages on skyscrapercity on LRR that I am aware of.

    adam insaan. thanks. correction made.

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    Two links added to the post. Thanks Binary Zero.

  5. Hassan rashid says:

    Well ring road … Hmmm wat can I say …
    According to the map of 1989 Lahore
    ring roadwas not there where it is now …. Alot of changes have been made …. As I remember when I was in pak, it happened in samnabad that those ppl whose houses were coming on the map of ring road were offered less money fr their houses, n they were under huge pressure frm gourmnent.
    Another thing is, the other end of ring road was suppose to be there where defence road ( that leads to straight to township industrial area) is, n the reason that they changed the map us not because they found n new n improved route but it’s because of some ppl like imran khan n mian Amir mehmood etc who had some investments on that road … That’s y the map was changed n they had millions n millions of profits in rs.
    I guess that’s it fr now … No personal offence to ny reader ..
    N one thing I’m not aware of the current situation coz I don’t live in pak ny more … If someone can plz update .
    Regards hassan

  6. Imran Ali says:

    I’m a British born Pakistani was visiting Lahore after a three-year absence back in December.

    Whilst there, I discovered that my youngest mamu, an Army colonel, is tasked with project managing much of the ring road’s construction on behalf of the NLC construction company.

    My uncle took me on a tour of some of the construction sites around the Defense side (photos at and I was impressed at the pace of construction; by comparison, the M25 and M60 ring roads around London and Manchester took decades to complete!

    My uncle did explain some of the disruption that the project has caused, including bisecting villages, relocating cemetries and creating new waterways.

    I’d be happy to introduce you to my uncle via email if you’d like to interview him or gather up questions from your readers for him :)

  7. schajee says:

    Here’s more from UrbanPk. You’ll have to sign up to access the post. 8-lahore-ring-road-lrr/

  8. schajee says:

    Also the SSC link needs to have the space removed (…512^984…)

  9. Abdul Hai says:

    I need information about the widening of the Lahore Canal Road up to the Dharampura interchange. Specific information I need is report about the environmental and transportation studies performed for this project. University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Alumni Association of North America plans to perform an independent review of the project and its impact on environment.

    I will be really grateful, if some one can provide this information. We have a number of UET alumni who have volunteered to perform this study.

    Abdul Hai Sheikh

  10. Owais Mughal says:

    Schajee. thanks. I’ve corrected the link to SCC and added the urbanpk link recommended by you to the post.

  11. Owais Mughal says:

    Does anyone know how many ‘interchanges’ will be built on the project?

  12. Adeel says:

    I am happy to hear of the ringroad project and look forward to all the replies. Lahore so badly needs better traffic management so many cars use the roads now. Lekin can anyone enlighten on better public transi such as an underground metro like they have in Delhi? I think we need more ppl taking public transit to ease the road congestion also.


  13. Schajee says:

    According to the legends on the maps… 11 interchanges and 6 flyovers, but that is a 2007 map. Don’t know what has changed since then.

  14. PMA says:

    One hundred fifty years ago British built a ‘ring road’ (Circular Road) around ‘old Lahore’ also called ‘Inner City’ or ‘Androon Shahar’ by connecting all the city gates. The road could be easily spotted on a city map. In comparison the old Circular Road looks so small to the present mega project. We have come a long way.

  15. momers says:

    The elusive LRR! Cant seem to find any areliable info about this anyplace…good crowd-sourcing effort!

    Owais if you can email me i will share a super accurate map with you!

    Additionally, I hope you all are familiar with Google MapMaker?

  16. Owais Mughal says:

    One thing I still want to confirm is the total length of the road. Some sources are calling it 60km and some 77km. Which one is correct?

  17. Nabeel Zafar says:

    Well I go daily to my construction site on Burky Road so I see the under construction interchange there. Progress in speed and it seems that they would complete it in couple of months.

  18. Anjum Altaf says:

    The following three posts about the proposed road construction along the Lahore Canal appeared on The South Asian Idea:

    Lahore – A Canal Runs Through It
    Lahore – The Wisdom of Jane Jacobs
    Lahore – What is to be Done?

  19. “momers says:
    February 5th, 2010 10:46 am

    The elusive LRR! Cant seem to find any areliable info about this anyplace…good crowd-sourcing effort!”

    bro chk out the thread of LRR at skysrapercity. u will find every detail and latest construction pics of this mega project :)

  20. Owais Mughal says:

    Few questions for which I am currently looking answers:

    1. Chronology of Events on this project
    2. How many plans have been made for the project besides the current one and their costs.
    3. What is cost estimate of current plan?
    4. Does the current plan envisages a complete parameter (circular) road or will it an arc as shown in out title map – which is not a complete ring road.
    5. Total length of roads on this project?
    6. Number of interchanges and flyovers?
    7. lanes per road – I think I know the answer. It is going to be three lanes in each direction.

  21. momers says:

    yes i have been reviewing the bookmakred skyscraper page frequently and just reviewed it all 3 days ago!

    @owais, there is a lot of info locked on that skyscrape page in the form of URDU newspaper story snapshots and hence that data remains unsearchable. got history, money and politics…!

    @others; for those who have time, reviewing all that info from a researchers point would yield an info gold mine! any one up for the challenge?!

    Skyscraper guys should translate those news clippings and the photo captions to make them searchable or use urdu unicode text.

    to be continued… :)

  22. nadeem haque says:

    Only the rentseekers gain…and some of them are bureaucrats. See pose on

  23. Strong Hearted says:

    @Owais Mughal!
    r u there at SSC Mehfil Pakistan page?

  24. Owais Mughal says:

    Two maps added to the post just now

  25. Owais Mughal says:

    Google earth map of LRR added to the post

  26. Owais Mughal says:

    Project Chronology Started. NESPAK link added to references

  27. Owais Mughal says:

    A video clip and 3 new entries made to the chronology.

  28. Strong Hearted says:

    @Owais Mughal!
    dude u have posted an old pic of that airport flyover! that flyover looks a hell different now after completion! why dont u get a latest pic from SSC page and post it here instead of showing this old pic?
    secondly u first map that u have posted is also a dead plan now! now the ring road will not pass from the middle of the city as shown in that image! the final design is the pic that u took from NLC website that is showing all the packages of the ring road!

  29. Adnan Ahmed says:

    Bht acha project hai but still ruka howa hai. specialy Multan road ko last year say under consrtruction deakh raha hun. Lets Hope this will be complete sooon………..

  30. Owais Mughal says:

    @Strong Hearted. Thanks. I’ve shuffled the maps and moved the older plan map lower and have added your comments to it.

    I have also added a link to LRR photos at photobucket.

    I will change the title photo as soon as I find a photo of a completed flyover/interchange.

    Thanks for your continued interest and visits here.

  31. Strong Hearted says:

    @Adnan Ahmed :
    sir r u kidding? the work at LRR is at full swing.

    @owais mughal :
    if u have chked my album of photobucket then there are many pictures of completed interchange and flyovers!

  32. Owais Mughal says:

    @Strong Hearted – you must’ve noted our new title photo. thanks

  33. Strong Hearted says:

    i would have selected the other photo that i suggested you :) because that was taken from a wider angle and showing more detail abt the area…the pic was taken on 6th january

  34. Naeem Ahmed Bajwa says:

    Original plan was a ridiculous half a ring. Southern and western sides were excluded, but to have some close loop, they included ferozepur road to represent that side of the ring. (This was probabley to keep Sharif’s Raiwind road estate far and away from such infrastructural development.Remember Chaudry of Gujrat were ruling the province)

    The maps shown above are either wrongly drawn or are obsolete. Eastern -SE stretch of the ring is not following Burki road but only crosses it at the junction of Phase 5 and 6 of DHA. After that it follows Khaira distributory, and then Hudiara drain before hitting Ferozepur road. Work has started on this run of the ring between Burki road and Ferozepur road.
    I would like to see some definate plan of southern and western parts of the ring road.
    I wonder if this is going to be a limited access road with proper interchanges.

  35. Strong Hearted says:

    @Naeem Ahmed Bajwa!

    Only 1 plan in all those pics is somewht accurate. the plan shown in second pic of NLC. the plan shown in first pic is just ridiculous .
    the work on southern loop of ring road will start in next fiscal year. southern loop starts from ferozpur road interchange and ends at thokar niaz beg interchange. the design and plan work of this interchange is complete .

    and yes this information is from the authenticated source that after completion the Ring road will be a limited access road!

  36. momers says:

    So I had been saving this discussion but it got jump started!

    Taking the Ring road THROUGH the city via Ferozepur road was/is a ridiculous idea! (Map 4 above). And the fact whether it is still part of the ring road or not is something i would like more clarity on as well as absolute certainty.
    But what a stupid idea to begin with. Ring road ought to bypass the congestion of the city and take the load off the city streets and then you go ahead and put the ring smack in the middle of the city. Not to mention that such a design would have ignored the other half of the city namely model town, johar town etc, all the localities to the west of ferozepur road, basically you never took off traffic from the inner roads of these localities!

    Another criminal aspect, the bisection of Gulshan Ravi locality. With the Map 4 design the ring was (is?) to pass right through the heart of Gulshan Ravi! What a nightmare for the people living on the periphery Much hue and cry was raised about this in the papers and I had bookmarks of local newspapers, pages which have now been taken off. But the question remains, will the ring road in any form or way pass THROUGH Gulshan Ravi?
    For the residents sake i certainly hope it doesn’t, ever!

    I personally would vouch for the NESPAK Map 1 above as being closest to reality since to me it is the most recent (June 2009) when NESPAK invited a tender for certain materials. But this map differs significantly from the other NLC Map which is a surprise.
    This poses theoretical questions. Is the Southern Loop a new ring road such that the Northern Loop and Southern over lap to some extent?
    The NESPAK map due to its Southern Loop and the NLC map due to its listed packages and a close scrutiny of the maps suggest that these are ‘two independent roads’ such that they have the Burki Interchange (P-7) in common (next to the airport).
    So at the Burki interchange (P-7), Northern loop (original ring road) heads south (on to packages P-6, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 , 19) while the Southern Loop heads south-east and scribes a bigger ring around the expanding city of Lahore?
    Is so, then the original northern loop ends at ferozepur road close to Chungi Amar Sidhu and basically has an unconnected open end!?? Given that ferozepur road is no longer part of the ring road?!

    Zooming in on the original NESPAK .pdf from where this Map 1 was sourced (google NESPAK LAHORE RING ROAD), it becomes clear that the above case might be true as there are some markings showing/suggesting the locations of Packages 17 18 and 19 and hence these packages are not a part of the Southern Loop, and hence my claim of a dangling open end and two independent roads.

    What do the others think?

  37. Strong Hearted says:

    @ Momers
    sir u have posted such a long comment that it would be difficult to clear ur all confusions:) but let me try somethings that i can clarify u!
    ur first three paragraphs have a simple answer
    “YES! the plan was just ridiculous to pass the ring road through the center of the city. but this govt cancelled all such plans and now the final plan is to construct a proper ring road around the i said in my earlier comment that its the southern loop that will complete the ring around the city.and its plan and design work is complete and construction starts in next fiscal year”
    the portion that is complete/under construction uptill now is that which is shown in second pic (NLC pic) .thats the exact design of current ring road underconstruction. and inshallah it will be completed in next 1 year with the pace with which work is currently going on!

    secondly u asked that first map differs from second. i already said in earlier comment that first map has some ridiculous mistakes so dont go for it. second map is the best one out of all


    Southern loop will start from P-19 and end at thokar niaz beg itnerchange and its the part of the Ring road

  38. Strong Hearted says:

    for having a best idea about the design of LRR plz visit this link lan-map.html

  39. Owais Mughal says:

    Great to see momentum building on the discussion here.

    @Strong Hearted. I’ve shuffled the maps according to your advice and have put the caption of ‘Current Map’ on NLC project map and ‘older maps’ on map 3 and 4.

    I don’t want to remove older maps as together do form a history of the project and a one-place-stop where readers can see how the project evolved to its present map.

  40. Owais Mughal says:

    @Strong hearted. The Lahore Master plan map by is very detailed. Thanks. I’ve added a link to it in or posts reference section above.

  41. momers says:

    @Strong hearted…yes have seen the lahore real estate map you link to…but i think it is a bit old too and some adjustments have been made to that as well…i gathered this from the news i have read so far, but i dont expect the changes to be great.
    I dunno why i had faith in the NESPAK map…well if you say so…the southern loop in there looked a bit far out and stretched to me…like you wouldnt want to drive in the rural areas just to reach another city end!

    It would be great if the someone can get a latest map straight from the horse’s mouth like an official cad kind of a thing?!

  42. Strong Hearted says: arted87/Lahore%20Infrastructure/p1-32_32.gif

    @Owais Mughal
    i think this picture would look good as a title pic :)
    u must have seen this pic in todays newspaper.

  43. Strong Hearted says:

    Another phase of LRR completed. CM inaugurated the phase 6 of LRR today :)

  44. Owais Mughal says:

    Strong hearted. I’ve added today’s date in the chronology section as the date when package 6 was inaugurated

  45. Owais Mughal says:

    News link added in reference section about the inauguration ceremony of Package 6 on February 10, 2010.

  46. Anjum Altaf says:

    Ring road is an old concept in transport engineering when people believed that the city could be confined within the ring. This has proved to be a false premise. These days Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) favors a hub and spoke model which allows density along the spokes to make public transit commercially viable.

    The old rationale for a ring road can be seen here: en/ringroad.html

    This ignores the fact that population spreads in a ribbon development along the ring and nowhere does density remain high enough to make public transit feasible.

    Beijing is a very good example because it now has six ring roads. See an evaluation of the impact here: 0-0344513095&origin=inward&txGid=hiLwZVatAxERp1Hla h-aYb7%3a2

  47. Owais Mughal says:

    Anjum Altaf. good analysis. You bring a new point to the discussion.

    Yes I’ve noticed how ring roads in Beijing have caused differences in real estate. People living inside first ring have their property estimated at different rate then compared to those living near middle or outer ring roads.

    I’ve also been debating the Ring Shape of mass-transit in case Karachi Circular Railway. In my opinion one main reason the KCR failed was because it was moving people in circles where as the shortest route from a suburb to work place is a straight line route. Ring Road however, is great help in bypassing inter-city traffic. e.g. traffic coming from Multan can go onwards bypassing Lahore by using Ring Road. Ring highways are used for same purpose in US too.

  48. Owais Mughal says:

    By the way in early years of LRR (in mid to late 80s), I’ve read in media that Ring Road was not passing the design because of objections from Pak defense people. An issue was raised that with Lahore being too close to border, a ring road will provide an opportunity to easily encircle the city.

  49. Owais Mughal says:

    More entries made to project chronology today.

  50. Strong Hearted says:

    I have updated the photobucket album with latest pics of LRR underconstruction portion !

  51. Strong Hearted says:

    updated the threads on SSC and with latest pics of LRR! plz visit the forums to see the pics

  52. Owais Mughal says:

    Dear Strong Hearted. the photos are great but once again…there are no captions and no description of where/what we are looking at. For people who don’t live in Lahore – like me- it doesn’t help. I can see it is LRR but I don’t know which interchange – what flyover I am looking at. A short caption, a one line description and the date the photos were taken will make your great photos a true visual documentation of LRR Project.

  53. Owais Mughal says:

    So far I have not been able to authenticate the total length of ring road project. On the internet, I’ve seen all kinds of lengths given ranging anywhere from 60 km to 105 km.

    Can any of our learned readers tell us – with verifiable references – what is the proposed length of 19 packages and the southern loop?

  54. Owais Mughal says:

    This report here suggests the total length of LRR to be 104 km.

    62 km in 17 original packages and 42 km in 4 packages of Southern loop.

  55. Owais Mughal says:

    I found following reference to different lengths of LRR in its different design proposals and it has left me very confused.

    In 1991, JICA, an institution of Japan, had proposed a road-loop in the City and the World Bank prepared a feasibility report on a 60 km Ring Road.

    However, the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif got the road design
    amended in 1997 to include Raiwind Road, where his family had built its farm houses proposing the road length of 75 km.

    After the Nawaz government was toppled in an army coup, the LDA and TEPA in 2000-01 proposed the 78 km road.

    Afterwards, the then Punjab CM Pervaiz Elahi announced to construct 77 km road with 6-lane carriageway in 2004.

    With Shahbaz-led government in Punjab, LRR was redesigned with 80 km proposed length in 2008.

  56. Strong Hearted says:

    @Owais Mughal :
    if u have gone through my album at photobucket ,u must have noticed that my bucket consists of ~600 images of LRR(from differenc U/C packages of the project) that i uploaded in last 1 month, so its not easy for me to add a separate caption for each pic :( thats why i earlier said to go through the thread of LRR at Mehfil Pakistan-SSC , i have posted the images at that thread with a proper sequence , showing images of a particular interchange/package and mentioning which interchange/package these pictures are of!

    anyhows for further easiness of the viewers i will try to add caption to each pic as soon as i get time :)

    and let me clarify here that total length of LRR will be 104 km including the southern loop

  57. Owais Mughal says:

    Strong hearted. point well taken on 600+ photos. I agree it is not trivial to add captions on so many photos :)

    Thanks for mentioning about the total length of Project as 104 km.

    Is it true that southern loop will have 4 packages ?

  58. Weakhearted says:

    The photos at urbanpk say it all.I use New Airport Road daily and I have seen it being turned from a simple efficient straight road to a complicated monster irrelevant from commuter’s point of view.A number of roads have been added from Burki Road to DHA Broadway for the reason best known to the designers.It is a total waist of money.I am witness to the material used and now the haste to complete.My advice to people is to avoid over head bridges and underpasses on this stretch as far as possible.I commuted on this road for ten years now and now I avoid using it.Make up your own mind.Mr.Owais Mughal you are doing great service to people of Lahore.

  59. Strong Hearted says:

    Dear mr weakhearted, u really have no idea of wht RING ROAD means. so better google the concept of RING ROAD before u post ur comment! then u will have an idea wht was the purpose of making a network of roads at that point! i really feel pity for such type of people in our society!

  60. Owais Mughal says:

    October 26, 2009 is added in the chronology section,

  61. Khuram says:

    Ring Road Lahore is a misnomer as apart from its point of origin it passes through the populated areas.So the “google concept” dies its death.The stretch pointed out by one commentator, appears to has been laid just to follow that “concept”. Apparently the cost of this stretch is more than the original layout of Ring Road project.By the way it was inaugurated prematurely as traffic is allowed on only two side roads.We would wait and see the utility of two huge but ugly flyovers.I went to see this stretch and was disappointed to see scafoldings on the open- for- traffic roads, with work still in progress.It should be worth a visit Mr.Mughal.Regards

  62. momers says:


    agreed, there ought to be better …nay…SOME traffic management around where they are working. The airport interchange recently inaugurated had random wrong way traffic on one way roads…quite a hazard…

  63. Ring road project is mega project in Pakistan.Structural Designing is so beautiful and good.I Pray for this Project ALLAH complete this Project in time.working Speed is so good.

  64. shahid says:

    sir, why so many maps. can u delete old maps? ) Only latest map may please be displayed. Old mapes are creating confusion for a person like me. There is no use for displaying rejected or amended projects.If it is to be constructed according to NLC map then it is not a ring, as both ends do not meet.

  65. PoliticalEconomist101 says:

    The estimate (USD 359) that is given by Nespak is misleading,since the estimate was given a long time back. Taking into account the inflation and depriciation of exchange rate over years , the cost has reached to whooping USD 1.7 billion.The government intends to set up industrial and commercial zones along the ring road, which will boost economic activity in the city and benefit the masses. The problem here is that a great chunk of land surrounding ring road has been acquired by land mafia which will sell it later at huge profit margins only to the advantage of investor class. Hence the benefits intended for masses will accrue to a certain class intersed in profit maximzation and capital accumulation. Government will have no option then to develop the adjacent areas only at the expense of taxpayers.
    It is imperative that govt should carefully oversee the economic agglomeration process along ring road to ensure its positive externalities.

  66. arch says:

    i want to know that which road in LRR(ring road) plan are wiedning and when that plan is execute can you also tell me widening space is taked for widening for road.

  67. Atif Iqbal says:

    I have added latest Lahore Ring Road Master Plan: ap/

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