Headline to remember: Invincible

Posted on June 25, 2006
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Adil Najam

This one is for all those who think that the international media gives Pakistan a bad rap (it does, but probably less than what we believe):

‘Powerful Pakistan have few weaknesses’

Yes, you read it right. That is what the Scyld Berry at The Daily Telegraph (UK, 25 June, 2006) believes.

For those of us who get their news from the Internet, and especially from RSS streams, the headline is all-important. And if this one does not grab your attention, I do not know what will.

Want to find out what this headline is talking about.

The story, of course, is about the Pakistan cricket team that arrives in London today for a four Tests and five One-day Internationals series. By the way, you did hear that the Pakistan cricket team just got a 25% pay raise! ATP will have more on that as it progresses, but for now let us thank that headline writers at The Telegraph by citing this excerpt:

Just as England thought they could not get any worse – two wins against four defeats in their last 10 Tests, one win in the last eight internationals before yesterday – their most invincible opponents, the Pakistanis, fly into Britain at noon today. England have beaten every Test country in a series in England in the last decade, except Pakistan. Pakistan get under England’s skin and rub them up the wrong way… Pakistan have not lost a series in England since 1982, winning three of them and drawing one… [Pakistan] are better equipped than any other country to stop Australia winning the next World Cup, and to become the next Test champions too.

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  1. Ch. Ghazanfar says:

    Just saw this old post by clicking on your new Random Post button. Glad that I did.

    Looked at the date, June 25, 2006. How times have changed. Not only for Pakistan but also for Pakistan cricket.

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