ATP Quiz: Where is this? What is it? Why is it there?

Posted on May 16, 2007
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Adil Najam

The question is in the headline. The answer may be in google, but can anyone guess without the help of google? And if you can, do tell us ‘why’ you know where this is?:-)

Where is this, and what?

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  1. Daktar says:

    Wow. Learnt more new stuff here. Did not realize how nautical miles were calculated. Thanks. Nice picture too.

  2. Abizaib says:

    Here is the Wiki for Nautical Mile:

    And here is the image:

  3. Abizaib says:

    Interesting reponses, shows a lot about how people think or solve problems (IQ), and many fail to use common sense ;). This picture brought a lot out of people…

    Here are a few geographical facts:

    Liberia – Pakistan

    Aerial Distance: 5,400 Miles
    Shortest Nautical Distance: 9,100 NM [Nautical Miles] (Traveling around South of African) From Monrovia to Karachi

    There is no typo in the sign and the information is correct.

    Second, Nanometers are not used to measure geographical distances, but mostly in nanotechnology – where distances are microsocopic, and only inferred by use of high power electron scan microscopes. The distance between your brain cells can be measured in Nanometers (Billionth of a meter).

    Just for the sake of perspective, an average human being’s arm length represents a billionth of the distance between the Earth and its Moon.

    Use Google Earth to measure all sorts of distances Aerial/Nautical/Land – Its FREE !

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