ATP Quiz: Where is this? What is it? Why is it there?

Posted on May 16, 2007
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Adil Najam

The question is in the headline. The answer may be in google, but can anyone guess without the help of google? And if you can, do tell us ‘why’ you know where this is?:-)

Where is this, and what?

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  1. badar says:

    i think the whole NM things just a mistake.anyone think they actually pulled off a typo and meant to write KM (kilometers) instead of NM????

  2. ahsan says:


    9100 NM = 0.00009100 M (meter) = 0.0091 CM.


    Sorry, I missed a zero. It should be:

    9100 NM = 0.000009100 M (meter) = 0.00091 CM.

  3. ahsan says:

    I think that NM is not for Nautical Mile but it stands for Nanometer as pointed out by Ayesha.

    9100 NM = 0.00009100 M (meter) = 0.0091 CM.

    It is almost zero, So the tree is right in the park and perhaps they call this particular park “Pakistan”.

  4. Adil Najam says:

    Many of you have guessed it right. (Frankly, I could not have done so myself). I am impressed.

    I found the picture on Flickr . It is by Wylie Maercklein, and the caption he provides reads:

    The Pakistani UN Battalions are involved (amongst many other things) in efforts to establish parks and recreation areas around Liberia. This sign is at the top of a hill beside Bomi Lake. Around it, Liberian workers paid by Pakistan (or the UN? I’m not sure) are constructing a park.

  5. Razi says:

    Ooops.. a few typos there: Please read as: “…independence was influenced by USA…”

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