Pictures of the Day: Identity, Lyari-style

Posted on June 26, 2006
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Adil Najam

I had first thought of making this another ATP photo-quiz but given previous ATP blogposts, it would have been too easy. So, no mystery this time. Just surprise!

Yes, this is Lyari, Karachi. Where identity and pride of identity cannot be separated from football. They may not have much under their roofs, but on top of the roof they fly with pride the emblem of team they identify with. This is an entirely merit-based sense of identity. They identify with the game, with the skills, with the style, and above all with the passion. Hence, the flags you see. And do not see! Ronaldo, in case you are listening: this may be your biggest fan anywhere in the world!

Thanks to Adnan Siddiqi’s blog, from where I picked up these pictures; he got them from Jang Online Urdu Edition.

24 responses to “Pictures of the Day: Identity, Lyari-style”

  1. Hassan Ali says:

    We should follow :

    Pakistan. Pakistani. Pakistaniat.

  2. Hassan Ali says:

    Rest of the story i’ll tell you about lyari that there is no any Gangwar , this only because of our goverments policies,
    if goverment provide us jobs,education,health facilities,electricity,water and most of all security so there is no reason that we will fight.

  3. Hassan Ali says:


    Please Please Please …..Dont be ashamed of being LYARIAN.

  4. Hassan Ali says:

    Beyond the scene fact is that we are proud of being Lyariets.

    we were from Lyari , we are from Lyari and we will be from L:yari,Lyari gave us the Name , Lyari gave us the status in society,we are from lyari working for Multinationals,its only because of Lyari.

    We should be proud of it that we are from Lyari.

  5. London_gangsta_baloch says:

    please people i beg you we give vote to our leaders to make the lyari better place and finish the gang war and everyone can live peacefully but shame our leader not willing to do that. thats a request to our leaders like Mr Gabool and Mr Rafiq if you cannot control the area please resign from you post and Ministery.when you need vote than we see you in lyari afta election look for Mr Gabool he’s in Islambad.wah wah tu balocha ni nama baaz mazan kana gai.come on guys we all are baloch brothers why we killing eachother .Allah wasta band bekaney janga

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