Pictures of the Day: Identity, Lyari-style

Posted on June 26, 2006
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Adil Najam

I had first thought of making this another ATP photo-quiz but given previous ATP blogposts, it would have been too easy. So, no mystery this time. Just surprise!

Yes, this is Lyari, Karachi. Where identity and pride of identity cannot be separated from football. They may not have much under their roofs, but on top of the roof they fly with pride the emblem of team they identify with. This is an entirely merit-based sense of identity. They identify with the game, with the skills, with the style, and above all with the passion. Hence, the flags you see. And do not see! Ronaldo, in case you are listening: this may be your biggest fan anywhere in the world!

Thanks to Adnan Siddiqi’s blog, from where I picked up these pictures; he got them from Jang Online Urdu Edition.

24 responses to “Pictures of the Day: Identity, Lyari-style”

  1. we love pakistan,we were born here, fed and educated in pakistan,pakistan is our identity in the world,foods of pakistan are very delicious and tasty,pakhtoon make tasty pratha and nan,fish snacks of karachi are very delicious,people of karachi prefer to eat spicy and hot foods,stall foods are available at affordable price in every corner of karachi,enjoy also pulses dal every type from jhompra hotels, biryani…rice food and pulaow
    of karachi is most popular dish, almost every type of fresh fruit is available throughout the year in the city,people are very friendly, specially with westerns tourists.

  2. MIR FARAZ AHMED says:

    Hey Brothers,
    I am Proud to be Lyarian, Lyari’s Peoples are very Friendly and loving, It’s all the Agencies and establishments are Involved to make unpeaceful Lyari.
    I have Just one message for Lyarian’s Please Must get Education and Prove yourself as a Great Lyarian.

    My All Best Wishes for All Lyarian’s.


  3. Arman says:

    Salam w All my brother and sisters

    first of all i want to tell . lyari is the one of best area in karachi which is have world champion Boxier . footballer. cycling racer
    old culture of pakistan . Woman wear very tradition dress Called Chola. and famous of lyari are.
    Best is Boxier
    best is cycle racer
    best is football
    best is fighting
    best is loving
    best is waja
    best is baloch

    just pray for our new Paris
    bhutto shaheed said this our Paris
    lyari should be like paris

  4. Hamid says:

    Hamid BrohiForm Lyari Visited this web page on
    10 December 2008

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