Fifty-Fifty: The best PTV show ever?

Posted on July 15, 2006
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Adil Najam

The legendary PTV (Pakistan Television) comedy skit-show from the 1980’s Fifty-Fifty may well be the greatest (one of the greatest?) PTV shows ever. Based loosely on US comedy show Saturday Night Live, it was a revolutionary concept and literally ruled the airwaves like very few shows ever have, before or since.

This is my continuing testimony to the brilliance of Shoaib Mansoor, but in this case it was also the writing excellence of Anwar Maqsood and the versitality of the acting trio Ismail Tara, Majid Jehangir and Zeba Shahnaz which made this show a must-see every week. Here is a short clip from the show. Enjoy!

Click twice on arrow at center, or view it directly here.

Fifty Fifty – Classical Dance

See more video clips from Fifty-Fifty here.

26 responses to “Fifty-Fifty: The best PTV show ever?”

  1. SYED NAZEER, dubai says:

    Fifty/Fifty. this was our talent, our culture and our asset that one should be proud of. now a days, as to avoid hardship and concept of making money overnightly, shortcuts like exposure in indian media and their bogus reality shows are very much in. our generation of seventies and eightees were grown up with such talent and shows deep impact of it. but, sorry to say, we are loosing our identity slowly. Do not hate any one but identify those elements which is surely damaging our integrity.

  2. Pakistan is our country we should respect it,
    we should love it, not it’s government

  3. Jamshed says:

    I watched it on DVD recently.I won’t call it the best show ever.It is uneven.There are many hilarious moments but there is lots of boring stuff as well.

  4. imu says:

    I always loved watching 50/50, as it was best of all the times, made with very limited budget, and always filmed on sets rather then on actual location, but always delivers the message.

    Ismail Tara, Zeba Shahnaaz, Majed Jahangir, Latif Kapadia (Late), Asharaf Khan & Many others which I dont remember, I dont think that any other channel or even PTV can produce a program like evergreen 50/50 again.

  5. Wajih ul Haq says:

    I loved this show as a child. What talent. Limited resourced but what a fantastic flight of imagiantion.
    Now the soap opera cycle type drama. No begenning no end and only rona dhona, quick buck, zero talent….what a waste!

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