Posted on July 19, 2006
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13 responses to “Pinglish: Trilingual”

  1. Saqab S Muhammad says:

    haha ha ha ha , Khalid Masoud is great poet. Kindly let me know

    Main kis tarah us ki shairi net pay par sakta hoon


  2. sali2 says:

    Can’t say if its pinglish or just bad english but it sure is funny, m=1

    Ex-Sindh DIG Samiullah found missing from Lakki Marwat
    LAKKI MARWAT: Former Sindh DIG Samiullah was found missing from his ancestral area Naurang here.

    Sources told that the relatives of former Sindh DIG Samiullah Marwat have got a report registered at Naurang police station relating to his gone missing since 10.00 P.M. in the night. Police have started an investigation into it.

    How could one be found missing….reminds me of scary movie dialogue “waking up dead”

  3. Yousaf says:

    Enjoy Live Khalid masood .. :) .. he is hilarious (Husan kee toop ka Gola mara , tera kakh na rahey …. tujh pay gir jaye Qutbi tara tera kakh na rahey …. ) sood_khan