Posted on July 22, 2006
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23 responses to “Jazz meets Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan”

  1. listner says:

    –this is a typical western music form which is dominated by Harmony and Rythm. qawali is mainly based upon two important pillars: rag and tal. Rag is the melodic form while tal is the rhythmic.
    Brooklyn qawali is a corruption of western and eastern musical forms and lack of devine notes, is like shouting and without classical music constraints.

  2. listner says:

    sounds like Balkan Gypsy band.
    Aistaguca – Balkan Gypsy Wedding Band! – Iag Bari

  3. salam wale kum ,i m naviin from india & i play a uniq bow instrument called belabaharr which my father has invented wish to showcase my art of tabla & this instrument in Pakistan ,its my dream for d people there to see & enjoy my music & it wud also b my privelege to b with them interact & also touch the pakistan soil,inshahallah m hoping ur reply on +919820207827
    thanks regards =related

    thanks ,regards