Posted on September 5, 2006
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10 responses to “Private banking frauds”

  1. mr x says:

    its now in the hands of other investors ho have done vat fraud in the uk look at igb uk

  2. Muntazar Bashir Ahmed says:

    So far the only good that seems to have happened is that CSIBL was sold and apparently no depositor lost their money.
    Sadly no fraudster was punished , the Crescent Group members are still in positions they held prior to the discovery of the fraud e.g. ERRA chairman was not changed.
    Until there is accountability there can be no progress- our economy is tottering on the brink of collapse precisely for this reason.

  3. Humair Qadri says:

    Thank you for highlighting this problem. It is becoming aserious issue and I know people who are in serious money management crises.

  4. Kazim says:

    Could you please provide an update on this case. Who got caught? Who went free?

  5. Mobin says:

    Mr. Bilal Zubari
    Quite intresting.
    But I am intrested to know, wether or not the report of auditors (M/s A. Ferguson & Co)was made to public or not, or published in any publication sated to have been handed over to SECP consisted upon 177 pages in february 2006.
    Secondly the bank was offering interest with a range of 22-55% which is unbelieveable. could you name any institution who invested on such high rates.
    I wellcome if you give me somne information directely to me at mobin