Posted on September 15, 2006
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24 responses to “The Story of Karachi”

  1. Fahad amjad says:

    The woman name you mentioned in this blog post is only kolachi and it was only known as kolachi jo goth. You can search more on various resources above internet. After that suspicious names, i dont feel like to learn this whole crap. Please dont give false information. If you cannot search before write, at leas dont write.

  2. ali says:


  3. dear bilal
    I found this site and the links so usefull that iam overjoyed I will try to submit what photos I got as our family baground and love to the city I haved moved to india goa left karachi 20 years ago.I will share and like to share your comments about our karachi.
    karachi and Goa are like same city,if u come to Goa you will feel your in karachi.lots of common things u will find like the baked bread of soldier bazar,the jams of garden east.
    looking forward to b in touch

  4. moez says:

    your site is good, and make it colorful with the colored history of Karachi.