Posted on November 14, 2006
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9 responses to “Dead Man Walks to High Office”

  1. Bloody Civilian says:

    Fraudulent, yes. Fantastic, no doubt. Tragic, absolutely. Probing a little deeper though, such individual lapses reflect the willful destruction and displacement of Pakistan’s civil institutions by an autonomous and unaccountable military. In essence, ERRA is a military-run operation with the current chairman merely providing a civilian face to neutralize donor agencies’ concerns. There is no way on earth that the gentelman in question was appointed to this important post without the approval of the generals. Who is the real culprit here, really?

  2. Anwar says:

    Thanks Eidee Man,
    I have had an honor to supervise a good bunch of PK students – over 18 years period however there is a visible shift of work ethics among new kids. This I attribute to a combination of lack of institutions, state of law, political insecurities and socio-economics in the country. A state of mind is outcome of synergy with its environment besides other elements. That was the basis of my concern. Similar views have been expressed by my academic friends in other schools as well.
    I admit, the area I work in is not available to majority of students in civilian universities unless they are in the air force, but previously students did work hard to coverup academic defficiencies – that sense of effort and accomplishment now is rare. Of course there are exceptions and students graduating from NUST or GIK are indeed better because of their exposure to better faculty and laboratories – a luxury missing in most other universities.

  3. Sidhusaaheb says:

    It’s definitely a very amazing story and one that could be made into a movie. :D

    However, please don’t think that only your country is the victim of large-scale corruption.

    If I may take the liberty, I would like to recommend the following, which includes several humorous takes on corruption in India: gra/m/artist.1127/

  4. Eidee Man says:


    – Behavior does not affect “genetic make-up” :)
    – About your graduate students…there are PLENTY of law-abiding, honest, and decent people in Pakistan. As far as the bad “traits” you mentioned, as someone who has gone to school in the U.S., I can tell you that there is basically no difference between local and foreign students…I think foreign students are not as good at covering up.

    Of course that all depends on the quality of the institution you teach at… :)