Picture of the Day: Toys for Boys (IDEAS 2006)

Posted on November 23, 2006
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Adil Najam

I thought the qataa above (from Jang, 23 November 2006) was a nice caption for this photograph printed in most newspapers on the same date. A rough translation of the qataa:

These days Karachi is a sight to see
There is an exhibition of ammunitions that is on (IDEAS 2006)
But, even if it were not, in this country of ours
Has there ever been any shortage of munitions to see

Here is an addition to this post, also from Jang (24 November, 2006):

My very rough translation:

Ammunition production makes it very evident, Shaoor
That we are living in a state of Defence
In reality these are all the instruments of war
But we insist on calling them instruments of defence

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  1. Muhammad Tufail Khan says:

    I like these Pics too much plz give more pics thx

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