Welcoming 2007: New Year Resolutions

Posted on January 1, 2007
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Adil Najam

Best wishes to all our readers for the new year.

May your dreams for this year come true. May your fears prove unfounded.

One is reminded today of a verse from Saba Akbarabadi:

Har saal yeh samajh keh guzara hai aye _Saba_

Yeh ishq ki saddi meiN adaawat ka saal hai

We have two current posts that look at the year that was (The Most Important News Stories of 2006) and at the years to come (Pervaiz Hoodbhoy) and we do not wish to divert the discussions already in progress there. But at this time of the year it is customary to make New Year Resolutions. So let me share some with you.

Most of one’s goals and resolutions tend to be personal and this is not the place to talk about them. However, in terms of ATP we resolve to remain intellectually honest; to say things as we see them; to be fair and firm in implementing ATP policies and pursuing ATP goals; to remain focused on Pakistan in all its dimensions, trying never to ignore the things that need to become better but also not failing to celebrate that which is worthy of celebration.

Our goals are modest. We have no illusions that this, or any, blog can change the realities that are. But we do believe that in talking about this thing we call Pakistaniat, we begin contributing to its creation. Ideas are important in the lives of nations. Action, of course, is more important; but action without ideas is dangerous and actions based on the wrong ideas can be disastrous.

Ours is the dukandaari of ideas. But we cherish our wares because we believe that good ideas can – and will – spur good actions. We resolve today to be diyanatdaar dukaandaars. We ask of you to keep us honest in this endeavor.

Maybe you have some New Year Resolutions of your own that pertain to Pakistaniat. Do please share.

20 responses to “Welcoming 2007: New Year Resolutions”

  1. shafiq says:

    happy new year fr all of yu.

  2. And to add to that… let us forget we are Muslim or Non-Muslim and remember that we are Pakistanis first second and last.

  3. Ghalib says:

    Belated happy new year!
    make a pledge unlike the political pledge the words that are revised every year with same zeal an zest that we will build the nation according to the wishes of the people.Its time to ACT,let us all forget that we are punjabis pathan baluch or sindhi as we are pakistani!let us forget we are sunni shia wahabi as we are muslims!let us learn from the mistales we have done and try not to indulge in the same dissenting policies that has wrecked the nation.
    Let us all build the nation or home with what ever we can by helping the poor,by fighting for justice!

  4. Samdani says:

    A belated Happy New Year to everyone.

    Nice sentiments and very appropriate photograph too. He seems to be lost in his dance and a good reminder that ordinary people can dance too. May your New Year be full of good news so that you also feel like dancing like him!

  5. Asma says:

    Best wishes for your resoutions … I guess u ppl are working for it even now with eemandaari … and I liked this pic a lot :)

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