Picture of the Day: ‘I Love Miss Spelling’

Posted on November 28, 2006
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Adil Najam

The headline used for this photograph by the Daily Times was just too good not to reproduce above.

I do not know if this qualifies as Pinglish or not but the typo – ‘over’ instead of ‘our’; the misplaced space in ‘Friend Ship’; and the grammar slippage in ‘with Pak-China’ are so very charming and so very Pakistani. (or, maybe, it means what it says; i.e., we have an OVER-close friendship with China!)

But please, let no one think I am being a snob in laughing at these mistakes. I really am not. Really.

Its our language too and as a free people we will use it whatever way we want. What better revenge can we have on our erstwhile colonists. Also, I have always subscribed to the notion that ‘Friend Ship is the best Ship of all’ :-)

20 responses to “Picture of the Day: ‘I Love Miss Spelling’”

  1. afroz says:


  2. sami says:

    i remember reading a banner in english that some fans of asif zardari were carrying when he was in jail – it had some praiseworthy quotes about him, with the authors titled as “all pakistan asif zardari lovers association”

    too bad no one told them what a “lover” means – also, during the iraq war, some ladies carried a banner titled “make love, not war”

    so much for pinglish

  3. Shafqat Ali says:

    With all those spelling mistakes, enormous difficulties, problems, shortcomings, etc. etc, etc,…………I still love my SWEET-n-SOUR Pakistan…..

  4. Phil says:

    [quote comment=”13037″]Phil, point taken. touche. You are right, my mistake… but, as I said, I am a great supporter of Pakistani spellings, including WELL COME.. which actually makes more sense too ;-)

    I know that is a lame defence… the fact is that the only thing worse than my spelling is my handwriting… that is why I am at a loss without a word processor and a spell-check…

    At another date will do a post on what spell check does to Urdu words and names ;-)[/quote] Harhar… :) no problem.

    Dont ‘spellcheck’ Pakistani names :D The results have huge side-effects like laughing fits, etc. Egoes get destroyed :)

  5. Omar R. Quraishi says:

    i think most of you expats forget the fact that for most people english is not their native tongue or first language

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