Picture of the Day: Who is Rewarding Whom?

Posted on December 6, 2006
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Guest Post by Zamanov

This picture, proudly displayed on the PCB webpage and in many Pakistani newspapers, is from the President of Pakistan’s reception for the cricket team shows Mr President handing a check of Rs 5 million (50 lakhs) to Mohammad Yousuf, the stylish batsman who recently broke the world record for runs and centuries scored in a year.

While every Pakistani is proud of Yousuf’s achievements and his incredible form over the past year, does it behoove the President of the Republic to award him with a substantial amount of money from public funds when the PCB has already announced an award of Rs 1 million through their official sponsor?

This award is over and above the Rs 1 million that the Prime Minister awarded, and another benovolent Governor of Sindh awarding him Rs 0.5 million. Hence, by the last count, Mohammad Yousuf has been awarded Rs 6.5 million from public funds and Rs 1 million from the PCB (another public institution).

While no one should begrudge what Mr Yousuf receives from private parties for his magnificent achievements, is it the official business of governmental figures to reward cricketers or any other sportsperson with such substantial funds from the public exchequer? Is this some kind of auction or race to achieve superiority over who gives more for this cause? First it was the PCB, then the Governor of Sindh, then the Prime Minister, and now the President. The irony is that Musharraf, in full military attire, is awarding a cricketer the equivalent of 120 years of the average annual income in Pakistan!

Wouldn’t an offical civilian award or the Pride of Performance along with a token monetary award been more appropriate?

This may be in line with the ill-advised image-building program of both the Prime Minister and the President or it may have something to do with Yousuf’s recent conversion, but to me it is akin to some gross colonial practice of rewarding the locals who help the master’s image rather than using their official power and office to help the desperately poor and the ones in dire need. Such practice has been a favorite of our rulers; including, for example, the money that poured to Javed Miandad after his famous ‘Sharjah sixer.’

Is it just me or does no one else see the inappropriateness of the President’s actions?

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  1. Eidee Man says:

    Yousuf aside, I always find it remarkable how our politicians cast their handing away prizes as personal favors. Forget Shaukat Aziz’s handing away plots….all of that is a drop in the bucket when you consider the acres and acres of land usurped by the military….defence, askari, navy housing, etc etc.

  2. [quote post=”453″]I hope that website is supposed to non serious as it wrongly reports that yousuf has been dropped from the team for ODI…..[/quote]

    Dude, no doubt that boriat is a non-serious,infact a site about political satire but news about yousuf is not wrong. He’s not available for 2nd ODI due to illness of his wife. There are also news that he’s going for Hajj this season. Not sure though.

  3. MQ says:

    There are different mindsets and motivations at play here. One is that this country is our “jageer â€

  4. Ghalib says:

    i liked a comment that its a colonial trait that our masters the britishers used to give to their most loyal people like giving land an all an thts how our society has these feudals wat do u thinl they earned it? no they dint!
    Well about yousaf claimin the record its a gu thing but ill agree awardin him with PUBLIC money when people un have a chapati to eat show how colonial system has its remeniscents in our society!he shud have give some award with some cash but 6.5 million dun suit our country nuthing taken from the fact he did somethin fer the country.but lemme remind u its a professional sport they get salaries an its awesome an plus the sponsorships they have!
    musharaf in uniform again showing people that he dun care jus like army buildin the GHQ in islamabad on 8000 kanal land an now want 8000 more kanals!they term it progress when people are dying! we were born with the chains of salavery an havent yet gone outta it!
    wish yousaf best of luck an gud form an a advice to use the moeny in a noble cause!

  5. Yahya says:

    His, is a victory for Islam. Doubt yousuf yohanna would have received as much.

    Yousaf and musharraf have both set records in this case.

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