Posted on February 1, 2007
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50 responses to “The Petals of Pattoki”

  1. Rashid says:

    Nursery Vendors: I need 1000 indoor plants in plastic/fibre pot for indoor decoration.

    Plz contact if you can arrange.



  2. Amjad Hussain says:

    Can someone tell me if it is a good idea to start a flower and plant nursery in Pakistan. I will be mostly importing seeds, flowers and plants from abroad.
    Amjad Hussain

  3. azeem asif says:

    i am azeem asif from pattoki dist (kasur) represanting asif nursries. we have all kind of in door and out door plants,seeds,flowers,grass and all kind of information about these things .
    special for land scaping and gardning.

    for more information contact,

    ch asif. +92 344 9412555

    nadeem akhtar. +92 301 4361236

    adress. gehlan phatak ch no 9 tehsil pattoki dist.(kasur)

  4. do all things right time at the right place

  5. Aurang Zaib says:

    IMPRESA PVT LTD an Italian based organization, working in Agribusiness in Pakistan. We provide agriculture equipments, machinery, complete processing units and live fruit plants like OLIVES and KIWI. We are specialized in olive, we provide olive plants(Imported from Italy) of various cultivars, consultancy, trainings. If any one needs olive plants or kiwi please do contact us.
    Aurang Zaib