ATP Mushaira: Ahmed Faraz, Mohasra and the CJ

Posted on March 11, 2007
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Adil Najam

The recent sacking of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Iftikhar Chaudhry, has ignited passions all over the Pakistani blogistan. That is not surprising. What is remarkable is the consensus in opinion and outrage that seems to be universal (including in the results of our ATP Quick Poll).

As I read the hundreds of comments posted all across the Pakistani blogistan, it is also striking how many times people have invoked poetry as a way to express their strongly held feelings and heartfelt emotions. As always it is in Faiz Ahmed Faiz that people find the most comfort and solace. My own favorite – hum daikhain gay – has been repeatedly invoked; so has nisaar mein teri galiyoun mein and aaj bazaar mein pabajolaaN chalo. Another great favorite of mine – kuch sanoo maran da shouq vi see; this from Munir Niazi – has also been mentioned.

I am, however, always surprised that we do not hear more of Ahmed Faraz’s poetry in these discussions. From what one can fathom, the sacked Chief Justice may not be the ‘perfect hero’ that poets commemorate, but I imagine that sitting under guard as he is he may well reading Faraz right now and feeling the intensity of at least some of the verses.

This is particularly so for the poem ‘Mohassra’, which is probably Faraz’s most prominent political poem (written during the Zia years):

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry may also find some solace in Ahmad Faraz’s Qaid-i-Tanhai. The additional verses at the end of this video clip seem equally pertinent.

37 responses to “ATP Mushaira: Ahmed Faraz, Mohasra and the CJ”

  1. khan abu talha says:

    Suna hai log ussay aankh bhar ke dekhtay hain
    So us ke shehar mein kuch din thehar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai rabt hai us ko kharaab haloon se
    So apne aap ko barbaad kar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai dard ki ghaahak hai chashm-e-naaz us ki
    So hum bhi us ki gali se guzar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai us ko bhi hai shair-o-shaeri se shaguf
    So hum bhi moujazzay apne hunar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai bolay tu batoon se phool jhartay hain
    Yeh baat hai tu chalo baat kar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai raat ussay chaand takta rehta hai
    Sitaaray baam-e-falak se uttar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai din ko ussay titleyaan sataati hain
    Suna hai raat ko jugnoo thehar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai hashar hain us ki ghazaal si ankhain
    Suna hai us ko hiran dasht bhar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai raat se barh kar hain kaaklain us ki
    Suna hai shaam ko saaye guzar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai us ki seyaah chashmagi qayaamat hai
    So us ki surma farosh aah bhar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai us ke laboon se gulaab jaltay hain
    So hum bahaar pe ilzaam dhar ke dekhtay hain

    suna hai aaenaa tamsaal hai jabeen us ki
    Jo saada dil hain ussay ban sanwar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai jab se hamaayal hain us ki gardan mein
    Mizaaj aur hi laalo-gohar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai chashm-e-tassavur se dasht-e-imkaan mein
    Pallang zaweyey us ki kamar ke dekhtay hain

    Suna hai us ke badan ki taarash aisi hai
    Ke phool apni qubaayain qattar ke dekhtay hain

    Bas ek nigaah se lut

  2. khan abi talha says:

    shiddate tashnagi main bhi gairate tashnagi rahi
    usne jo pher li nazar maine bhi jaam rakh diya
    dekho ye mere khwaab the dekho ye mere zakhm hain
    maine to sab hisaabe jaan barsare aam rakh diya
    usne nazar nazar main hi aise bhale sukhan kahe
    main to uske paon main sara kalaam rakh diya
    aur faraaz chaiyen kitni mohabbaten tujhe
    maon ne tere naam pe bachon ka naam rakh diya

  3. hafiz mehran says:

    salam,s i want the contact number of ahmed faraz and pleas you any person have his number pleas send me on my email id

  4. asad khan says:

    hi sir how are you i saw your sit it is great will u plz send me the Ahmed Faraz’s poem CHOR Commander i will be thank full to you
    thank you
    asad khan

  5. Annie Syedha says:

    yahii kahaa tha meri Ankh dekh sakti hay
    tu mujh peh toot peraa sara Shaher e Nabiina !!!
    Ahmed faraz

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