Posted on April 8, 2007
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9 responses to “Karachi’s Literati: Alive, Well and Kicking”

  1. GSR says:

    All our lives we heard our friens and family from karachi complaining on the absence of a literary platform in Karachi. The establishment of miskeen galli in Karachi would defeinitley please many many literature buffs there.

  2. Daktar says:

    Raza, point taken.

    I think there are these pockets of activities in Pakistan and tehy produce some excellent work too. I do sometimes worry about the future of classical adn even ghazal singing though. That seems to be all but over?

  3. MQ says:

    Rumi, a refreshing break from the Lal Masjid’s batons, burqas and beards.

  4. Raza Rumi says:

    Dear All: thanks for the feedback. I am encouraged by these comments. First of all let me clarify that this piece is neither a comprehensive nor an exhaustive round up of Karachi’s literati and artists. This article was written after a recent trip to the metropolis and recounts the views and activities of the persons met.

    We are overly cynical about our state of affairs and there are valid reasons for that. There is a lot happening in Pakistan currently that indicates that things are changing as well. A vibrant civil society, and dialogue are essential pre-requisites for development. This is the context of my ramblings here. Of course, I could be wrong or unduly optimistic therefore I welcome and respect alternative views here.

    Mediatatters: I don’t live in Karachi and am not a participant of the Miskeen Galli. I merely wanted to write about it as one of the promising examples of citizens getting together and talking about issues. About the other groups I have limited knowledge so I stand enlightened. Hope I did not give the impression that I attend these sessions!
    Kronstadter: I agree with you about the overall situation but this is exactly what I wanted to say that in a sea of conformism and culture of apathy there are many individuals who keep the light burning.
    Indeed there are many many more in Karachi other than the four people discussed above who deserve to be written about.