Posted on May 5, 2007
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16 responses to “Pakistani Banker Charged for Insider Trading Scheme”

  1. yoyo says:

    interesting, for people who like a country which instills ‘innocent till proven guilty’ everyone has jumped the gun! It is now over a month since this happend and still not much more information has come up! If the Sec or FBI etc were so sure then why not slam him into the cells and throw away the keys? Something is fishy as always and being the puppets that most Pakistanis become esp when they go overseas, they are pronouncing Nasim guilty! For someone to be working at a worldwide bank, I DO NOT buy for a second that he would be stupid enough to call his ‘friends’ in Pakistan from a work phone! If you are that stupid then there is noway you would achieve all that he has already in his life! There is bigger story behind this, which I suspect as always will never front up. Not when everyone has already pronounced him guilty! I would also like to find out officially how much he has access to of the profits that he helped make, that in itself will tell a story!

    as for being ambassdors for Pakistan, tell the leaders start being honest, not much that will change that image! Ppl are not blind when they hear about riots, bombs, rapes etc everyday in Pakistan. You will be Mother Teresa of Pakistan but till the system gets cleaned out, good luck to you!