Posted on May 17, 2007
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15 responses to “Picture of the Day: Are You Impressed, Or Disturbed?”

  1. Irfan NHMP Officer says:

    I am an officer in Motorway Police, Khanewal. I would agree with cmments given by Babby. It is really disturbing and a major traffic violation. We impose heavy fines on them in each beat area but in vain. During fog and low viribility we dont allow them on road and we bound them on pumps etc. U may discuss with me at 03455159104. U all may notice that NHMP have eradicated more dangerous trucks with oves sized iron bars. Keep Trust.

  2. Pakistan Zindabad says:

    I am disturbed. This could create serious accidents. Similar scenes can be seen in the area of middle punjab every day in the season of sugar canes. In this season there is a lot of fog in the night and the trolleys full of sugar canes travel in the night on the single road and many of them dont even have reflector lights. I have seen this by myself and have witnessed major accidents caused by this.

  3. khairsoomro says:

    Those who call it impressive have not travelled themselves on single road when these chalf carrying tractor trollies not giving way to vehicles coming behind and chalf is getting into eyes of the people around.

  4. iceCube says:

    >>Putting all that cotton (I think) in
    >>there is a great engineering achievement.
    >>And then putting it on the vehicle. And then
    >>driving it.
    >>Must be a Guiness world record in it

    Daktar: Hilarious…!!!

  5. Babbi says:

    Further, The bigger problem is that the trolly behind the tractor doesnt have any brakes (it is built like this) and the tractor brakes are used only. You can very well imagine the load and momentum of the trolley and the force it puts on the tractor while braking hard. 90% of the tractor trolley accidents are due to this reason.

    There must be a ruling by the Government to enforce the installation of brakes in the trolley as well. This I think should be on the priority list.