Posted on June 27, 2007
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33 responses to “Help Us Redesign ATP”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    Well, I like the current format. The evolution has been good. And great to see you keep trying new widgets. Keeps it interesting.

    What about the mix of posts. Some like only politics. Some want only cultural stuff. We are committed to having a mix. But the question is, what is the best mix?

    Working out quite well. Lohar to Ava on same page; the best. To heck with HEC! We need to stop clean water supply so that Mai Jori Jamali can get clean water.

    Please, please, please help us figure out how to deal with the few ‘shararti loag‘ who never seem to learn and force us to waste too much time in managing moderation lists.


    If you can name a few, I might come up with few ideas.

  2. ShahidS says:

    I second for Waheed Murad and fifty fifty.And suggest self analysing comedys or Comical theatre.

  3. Viqar Minai says:

    There used to be space for “latest happenings” on your page. Also lost now is the set of links to the list of classics related to music, tv humor shows (e.g. fifty fifty, etc.). I can’t speak for others but I miss it.
    The bannwe about “sharArti log” is unfair. It should rather offer some concessions, e.g “sharArati logoN ke liyE sharArat ka ma’qUl intizAm hae”