Posted on July 6, 2007
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55 responses to “Pakistan Opposition Meets in London Amidst Challenges”

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  2. Some people seemed confused with Imran’s move to stand alongside people like Qazi Hussain and Nawaz Shareef, great leaders stand for the motif, not the people behind it. He supported the military takeover in failing Pakistan but as soon as this military diverted from its promised tracks, he also sidelined these traitors (aka elitists) BUT he never sidelined the motif. Still doesnot.

    The reason it is in London is because Nawaz Sharif and BB can’t enter Pakistan just yet, its really clear now why BB didnt attend the conference and as someone rightly said, the clowns of PPP were there, (esp. Sheri Sheri lady), I certainly don’t think PPP has anything to do with liberalism or any shism, they are just wadera backed political goons, ask a Sindhi whose people have died in struggles against the Waderas (aka PPP), who were first backed by ML during Jinnah days, PPP has literally shunned any people empowerment in interior Sindh.

    Imran Khan is truly focused, he knows what to do, he aint Musharraf who is a one man show, Imran has the knack to take the whole team along, although I agree PTI seems Imran-only so far but things r changing especially after 12th May. PTI will emerge very strong in 2008 onwards…

  3. Kruman says:

    One man who’d have made a difference

    Aitzaz Ahsan. He is uniquely positioned in Pakistani politics right now. Heading the CJP defense, author of charter of democracy, I think he has even represented Nawa Sharif in his trial in 99.

    He would have had a bigger impact on the coference than even his leader BB, had she been present.

  4. Viqar Minai says:

    “But for mass mobilization to happen through out the country and amongst all sections of the populace would require a bit more than the legal eagles.

    Unfortunately, at this juncture, there is dearth of any credible political leader who can step to the challenge and bring mass mobilization”.

    If there is one thing that the CJP episode has distinctly demonstrated, it is that a genuine movement can be started without there being a credible political leadership in place in the system. It may seem like a tall claim, but an honest and dedicated legal community, spearheaded by a determined supreme court, is sufficient to stir the pot in the right direction.

    I believe I can make a pretty good case that a sustained mass movement to achieve a more just society can be initiated, and sustained as long as necessary, PROVIDED:

    1) as stated above there exists an honest and dedicated legal system, and

    2) the people of a nation are sincere, and willing to struggle, for a just society.

    In the absence of either of the above ingredients, everything else amounts to nothing more than fluff and making excuses. This has been our fate up to this point since Pakistan came into being.

    Judging from the tone and thinking, as reflected in the posts in just about any online forum I have encountered, doing that will be both presumptous as well as amount to little more than “bhaiNs ke AagE bIn bajAna.

    As a matter of courtesy and respect to others, I shall mind my own business. Pakistan is now in the hands of its younger generation. They will make of it what they will, and will deserve the fruit of their labor (or lack of it) just as the current and the previous generations have thus far.

    After all, what can one add to the last words of a dying quaid-e-millat: “May Allah(SWT) Protect Pakistan”?

  5. observer says:

    The APC is more or less a joke. The fact that it is in London and not in Pakistan, in my view, goes against the whole grass-roots democractic philosophy. It looks more like a chance to escape the heat and power breakdowns of Pakistan–and now prolonging the stay–and no specifics–what can one expect from these jokers–I watched ARY and felt like it was an episode of dumb and dumber.

    Please note you all that the better minds from the PPP–people like Aitzaz Ahsan and Reza Rabani were notably absent. Some sources say that Benazir did not allow them to come–preferring to send people who either have no political standing (like Sherry Rehman and owes her woman’s seat to Benazir) or people like Amin Fahim, who is clearly not that bright.

    In my view, the real opposition is in Pakistan–people from the PPP who may be smarter and dare to question Benazir and truly stand for liberal policies, have vote banks and support in the people and who did not waste their time with the APC. Imran Khan appears unfocused and too close to the mullahs–besides he does not have a team so he’s just a maverick in the whole plot.