Inspiration Pakistan: Celebrating Independence

Posted on August 12, 2007
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Adil Najam

As we think of ‘independence,’ maybe we should think beyond slogans and naaras. Maybe we should think about what independence really means. Why it is important. How it is lived. Maybe Talib can help us understand all of that.

BBC Urdu Shehr Kahani: Muhabbat Ka Parchari

We have featured a number of videos from the BBC series Shehr Kahani (here, here). It is a wonderful series and never fails to inspire.

19 responses to “Inspiration Pakistan: Celebrating Independence”

  1. Razi says:

    Kruman: I agree with what you say however by this statement of yours, “Pakistan will not be a free nation until the corrupt and illegal military occupation of Pakistan comes to an end”, you have totally absolved the corrupt politicians of this country who have numerous times in the past, and continue to plunder.

    Pakistan needs a total makeover in every aspect…… it Politcal, Judicial, Military or Social.

  2. Ali Zain says:

    This is the best video of the series, simply awe inspiring

  3. Saima LONDON says:

    Although my nationality is British, I am a Pakistani and for most Pakistanis living in London, this day of independence is seen in a different light to those who reside in Pakistan. For us, it is a day that enables us to feel proud of who we really are and although there is so much that needs to be corrected in our country, we must not forget that WE – the people and our voice together is louder than the politicians. Independence day is an excuse for us to stand together in unity – the day that UNITY is found in each Pakistanis heart, our country will succeed … inshalla x

  4. Bhindigosht says:

    Daily Times today has published an op-ed titled ” Jinnah’s vision” by none other than Sharifuddin Pirzada! What an insult to the Pakistani nation!

  5. Kamran says:


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