Independence Day Greetings for India

Posted on August 15, 2007
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Owais Mughal and Adil Najam

Pakistan India friendship, cheering cricket fanToday is August 15.
India’s Independence Day.

ATP sends all Indians sincere and heartfelt Independence Day greetings and the very best wishes. We pray for a peaceful and prosperous future for both countries. May our futures be defined by friendship, mutual respect, and prosperity.

Last year we had expressed similar sentiments by presenting some pictures from the past. This time we wish to share some images from the present. These pictures, we believe, are equally poignant and even more relevant to our shared futures. The first image is from Lahore, Pakistan. The second from Ahmedabad, India.

Pakistan India friendship, Indians with painted faces

These young and pretty faces are the custodians of our shared dreams. May they always smile. May they always smile together.

43 responses to “Independence Day Greetings for India”

  1. usman awan says:

    we as a pakistani love each other because our culture and heritage are same…
    we have to take care of our neighbours…

  2. Ajita says:

    What a beautiful sentiment! Best wishes and love from India to all our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

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