na na bana na

Posted on September 17, 2007
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Owais Mughal

Some of our readers may have already seen this photo in today’s Dawn. I found the photo subject too creative to not share here. This is a banana-shop in Sitara Market of Islamabad. An Urdu verse also comes to my mind:

‘hain kawakab kuch, nazar aate hain kuch’

12 responses to “na na bana na”

  1. ali raza says:

    I think a banana milk shake to cool things off is in the order.

    This being the month of ramzan, shouldn’t we refrain from ………bashing between seher and aftar. It is something that we enjoy as the national past time, it keeps us going and energizes us, so it can’t be a good idea to engage in while fasting

  2. Mahmood says:

    I agree with sohail, we are a mango republic!!

  3. ayesha sajid says:

    whoever was bashing was going bananas doing it
    *tongue in cheek*

  4. ali raza says:

    I thought he was bananana bashing

  5. ayesha sajid says:

    Can we for once enjoy a post in a lighter tone instead of making it another platform for Mush bashing ??

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